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Central Booking Art Space

21 Ludlow St, New York
Thursday to Sunday, 12 to 6pm




Natura Mathematica
Apr 06-May 28
The beauty of pure mathematics is at the essence of all in nature. Not only is it the language of science, it is the basis of the systems behind everything we see- proportion, symmetry, sequences, repetition, fractals, patterns. Curator: Maddy Rosenberg.

Greg Lindquist: Smoke and Water: Dispatches
May 04-May 28
In Smoke and Water: Dispatches, Lindquist extends imagery from a multi-year environmental and socially-engaged project focused on the continued affects from the 2014 coal ash spill running through eighty miles of the Dan River in North Carolina and Virginia. Visualizing the coal ash in water, Lindquist transforms toxic swirls into abstract vortices of pulsating color.

Monika Lin: From the Bones of the Fish
Jul 08-Jul 30
From the Bones of the Fish, a reference to ''Ye Xian'' - the first recorded version of a ''Cinderella'' tale - in which bones of a fish perform the role of the magical agent, interrogates these cultural constructs and their lasting effects through a series of works.