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Andrew Edlin Gallery

212 Bowery, New York
Wednesday-Saturday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Sunday: noon to 6:00 pm




Domenico Zindato: 31
Apr 26-Jun 04
31 presents Domenico Zindato's series in its entirety, a sequence of intricate and vibrant works on paper that speak to humanity, mythology, and transcendence.

Charles Steffen: After Rodin and the One-Eyed Nude
Apr 26-Jun 04
Sometime in 1992, Charles Steffen began drawing experimental nudes that morphed human, mostly hermaphroditic beings, with plants, line experiments, abstracted forms, and cartoonish imagery gleaned from comic strips. The resulting strange creatures are animated, occasionally translucent, and referred to by the artist as sunflower nudes, abstract nudes, scribble nudes, one-eyed nudes, and cross-eyed nudes.