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Denny Gallery

261 Broome St, New York
Tuesday - Sunday: 11 am 6 pm




Emily Noelle Lambert: Bellow
May 18-Jun 25
Emily Noelle Lambert's most recent body of work exhibited in Bellow developed during a residency in the Brittany region of France. Her time there was defined by engagement with landscape, French gardens, and medieval architecture and materials. Secret codes and images embedded within the paintings, as well as architectural forms, evoke old world narratives and mythologies. Bellow, the title of the exhibition, is a reference to the multi-sensory, interdisciplinary aspect of the work as well as an expression of frustration with our current political moment.

The Unhomely
Jun 29-Aug 18
The Unhomely will explore the experience of being an artist in a globalized art world as the borders begin to literally and figuratively close, through the lens of Homi Bhabhas post-colonialist idea of the ''unhomely'' presented in his 1992 essay ''The World and the Home.'' Artists: Amir H. Fallah, Ann Shelton, Diedrick Brackens, Future Retrieval, Mie Olise Kjaergaard, Paula Wilson.