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Drawing Center

35 Wooster St, New York
Wednesday 12-6pm, Thursday 12-8pm, Friday-Sunday 12-6pm




Jackie Ferrara: Lines
Apr 15-Sep 17
Jackie Ferrara: Lines consists of eight wall drawings, each anchored by imagined architecture or architectural elements along with lists of film titles rendered in Morse code. Curator: Olga Valle Tetkowski.

Gary Simmons: Ghost Reels
Oct 07-Jan 14
As part of its on-going stairwell project, The Drawing Center has commissioned American artist Gary Simmons to create a site-specific wall drawing in the lobby stairwell. Simmons created a text-based work consisting of names of African American actors and actresses from the early days of silent film.

Where Do We Stand? Two Years of Drawing with Open Sessions
Aug 03-Sep 17
Artists: Regina Agu, ruby onyinyechi amanze, Daniel Bejar, Cammisa Buerhaus, Alexander Fleming, and Karin Schneider, Danielle Dean, Mustafa Faruki, Eric Ramos Guerrero, Sheree Hovsepian, Sue Jeong Ka, Olalekan Jeyifous, Rafael Kelman, Arnold Kemp, Nsenga Knight, Florentine and Alexandre Lamarche-Ovize, Carolyn Lambert, Lei Lei, jc lenochan, Thessia Machado, Srinivas Mangipudi, James Mercer, Irini Miga, Ana Penalba, Sreshta Rit Premnath, Jennifer May Reiland, Gabriela Salazar, Slinko, Sun Moqing, Edwin Torres, Hong-An Truong, Tuguldur Yondonjamts, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Ezra Wube, Sara Chang Yan