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Staley-Wise Gallery

100 Crosby St, Suite 35, New York
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Sheila Metzner: From Life
Oct 19-Jan 20
Sheila Metzners photographs are unmistakable totally original and unique. In her fashion photographs and portraits, she creates an atmosphere of extreme elegance and refinement and at the same time they are sensual and romantic. Objects, whether an Art Deco vase or metal sculpture, are imbued with character and beauty. Also memorable is her use of color rich, deep and sumptuous. Every photograph tells a story of personal involvement and deeply felt emotion. Sheila Metzner was born in Brooklyn and attended Pratt Institute on a scholarship. Her first job was in advertising for CBS and she then became the first female art director for the advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach. She married art director Jeffrey Metzner in 1968 and amazingly embarked on a career as a photographer while raising a family that eventually grew to five children. As her career progressed, the advertising clients, Vogue pages, exhibitions, book contracts, awards and recognition poured in. With this exhibition and this months release of her new book From Life Rizzoli, we see a life lived to the fullest professionally and personally.