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Cuchifritos Gallery Project Space

120 Essex Street, New York
Tuesday - Sunday: 12 - 6 pm




Endless Editions
Dec 15-Jan 28
Endless Editions will transform Cuchifritos Gallery into an open-access printmaking workshop and Borgesian library, rooted in Jonathan Basiles ongoing project, Library of Babel. Within the installation, the Endless Editions team will situate several performances, along with opportunities for visitors to produce, and reproduce, their own media. Ultimately bringing issues of knowledge accessibility, creative labor, and digital reproduction to bear on Jorge Luis Borges concept of the universal library. Endless Editions will operate a Risograph printer onsite throughout the exhibition, working with participants and visitors to create their own books. A computer workstation will also be included where visitors can access and search the Library of Babel website and a public library that will grow as books are made. Public events will include bookmaking and computer programming seminars, one-day artist residencies with original work on view, and literary readings. Workspace and book design by Norma Studio Heidi Korsavong & Benjamin Critton Participating Resident Artists Paul Anagnostopolous Laura Byrne Cory Siegler Leslie Lasiter Christina Martinelli Effi Ibok Jeremy Gecker Audrey Ryan Kevin Umana Angela Heisch Claire Mirocha Virginia Chiang Panayiotis Terzis Shaina Yang Vanessa Thill Enrique Figueredo Nichole Shinn Opening reception December 15th from 6- 8PM