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Marc Straus Gallery

299 Grand St, New York
Wed - Sun: 11 am - 6 pm




Xi Zhang
Feb 16-Apr 01
Visually, they are arresting-loud, vibrant colors amplify emotional depth. Conflating styles of the East and the West, Xi Zhang's work echoes water-colored landscapes of antique Chinese scrolls, but also the expressionistic gestures and exuberances of early 20th Century Germans and the Italian Transavantgarde of the 1980s. Opening Reception: Fri, Feb 16, 6-8pm.

Otis Jones
Feb 16-Apr 01
The work of Otis Jones is hard to pin down. They are sculptural paintings where the process comes centerstage in each work. They are intensely physical, yet restrained - formal abstractions, but embracing intuition and uncertainty. Jones' interests lie in the essentials: the relationship of shape, composition and color. Subtle nuances give his paintings marvelous character. Opening Reception: Fri, Feb 16, 6-8pm.