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Salon 94 Bowery

243 Bowery, New York
Tuesday - Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm




Lisa Brice: Boundary Girl
Sep 16-Oct 28
Lisa Brice's work has evolved from provocative early pieces such as her Sex Kitten series, a pin-up-style paper-doll of a headless, squatting woman covered with topical images, to a more mature signature style of figuration--an edgy yet lyrical painterly pastiche.

Lyle Ashton Harris: Black Power
Sep 16-Oct 28
Black Power is a video installation by Lyle Ashton Harris on the video wall. Taking its title from the seminal 1954 essay by African-American author and cultural critic Richard Wright, Black Power, 2010, a three-channel work depicting physical training at an outdoor neighborhood gym in Accra.