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Lesley Heller Workspace

54 Orchard Street, New York
Wed - Sat: 11 am - 6 pm, Sun: 12 - 6 pm




Cullen Washington Jr: Od Matter
Sep 06-Oct 22
Nature and the spirit are the impetus for Cullen Washington Jr's new body of work. Not nature as scene or sublime scape, but nature in its fundamental form as matter, and the spirit as the force which creates it. In this exhibition entitled, Od Matter, Washington employs non-representational abstraction in an effort to understand order, chaos, creation and human connection.

Soft Power
Sep 06-Oct 22
Soft Power is a group exhibition which explores notions of human condition and power dynamics through the use of hand manipulation of ''soft'' malleable materials such as felt, fabric, canvas and human hair. The artworks include sculptural objects, wall hangings, canvas constructions and performance. Artists: Sarah E. Brook, Maria Hupfield, Lizzie Scott, Jayoung Yoon. Curator: Katya Grokhovsky.

Dana Melamed: Waves of Discourse
Sep 06-Oct 22
Dana Melamed's three-dimensional assemblage works explore the power struggle between humanity and nature. This narrative comes forth in her drawings and sculptures--both wall mounted and free standing--where graphic elements akin to urban topography, form intricate, chaotic, and complex spaces.