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329 Broome Street, New York
Wednesday - Sunday: 11 am - 6 pm




Mark Bloch, Mitch Corber, Nina Kuo, Lorin Roser
Aug 13-Aug 13
WhiteBox is hosting an evening of new video works by multimedia artists Mitch Corber, Nina Kuo, Lorin Roser, Mark Bloch and others. Corber's zany experimental video ''Steve Cannon: Lower East Side Icon'' is an intimate view of the decades-long LES survivor, activist and poet, taking us through changes that gentrification underwent in the East Village. Kuo presents her direct experiences with painting and sculpture through animation video--high-tech and low-tech forms emerge. Roser is an animator, composer and visual artist creating unusual forms of video with soundscapes allowing for futuristic architecture, re-invented. Bloch will exhibit excerpts from Panscan TV, a public access cable show that features interviews, documentaries, short films, conceptual art projects and other curious happenings. Mon, Aug 13, 6-8pm.

Song Yongping: Money Hostage
Aug 16-Sep 02
Inspired by the current state of accelerating money worship culture in China, Song Yongping seeks to communicate the idea of dollars being at once unusable and achingly desirable. Opening Reception: Thu, Aug 16, 6-8pm.