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Klein Sun Gallery

525 W 22nd St, New York
Monday - Saturday : 10 am - 6 pm




Closer to the Beautiful World
Oct 12-Nov 25
Artists: Chen Xi, Hu Yinping, Wang Jiajia, Yang Xinjia, Zhang Zhaoying. Curator: Janet Fong.

Asia Contemporary Art Week ACAW Thinking Projects Pop Ups presents Yang Xin: Micro 2
Oct 12-Nov 25
Yang Xins fascination with microbiology is a focus of this show, titled, Micro 2. This fascination is interpreted as an impressive scientifically infused set of multi-media works that are profoundly reflective of various essential mechanisms within the building blocks of the human body. Alongside her signatory paintings of cell-like images, the exhibition features Yangs latest site-specific installation Youre looking at me. Whos looking at you? 2017. Consisting of plastic mulch often found in China, the work deals with the multifaceted issues stemming from human control of the ecosystem, at once addressing its influence and damaging effects to the ecological balance in the region. Co-organized with Fu Xiaodong Space Station Beijing.

Cai Dongdong: Photography Autocracy
Nov 30-Jan 06
With a strong background in photography and image production theory, Cai Dongdongs practice reaches beyond photography - it is a topology of image. In Cais installations, a photograph may serve strictly as a reference point or a gateway towards the story Cai is constructing or reconstructing.