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Klein Sun Gallery

525 W 22nd St, New York
Monday - Saturday : 10 am - 6 pm




Referencing Alexander Calder: A Dialogue in Contemporary Chinese Art
Sep 07-Oct 07
n ancient China, wind chimes were a fundamental part of Feng Shui where balances between Yin and Yang, flexibility and solidity, and movement and stability, were crucial. Alexander Calder is widely acknowledged as the originator of mobiles, a format within which he found a similar type of balance between the living and the mechanical. Calder encountered Chinese wind bells in his youth in San Francisco, influencing him from an early age. Artists: Gao Ludi, Hong Hao, Hong Shaopei, Huang Rui, Jiang Pengyi, Li Jingxiong, Qin Jun, Shen Fan, Vivien Zhang, Yangjiang Group, Zhao Yao. Curator: Eli Klein.