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144 5th Avenue Suite 3L, New York
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Mar 09-Apr 05
Lilac Gallery New York is pleased to present Poster City an exhibition of works by Gieler, Amsterdams poster collector/pop graffiti artist from March 9 to April 5, 2017. For years Gieler remained active with spraying letters on walls but as he got older, graffiti evolved into street-art, where he started to experiment on canvas. The street influences can be recognized strongly in his works, by using a very interesting and distinctive technique where he hand tears posters from the city and reworks them into his canvases. He is able to compose unique images on canvas captivating the viewer with the voice of the people and his own. Blending urban elements in a highly intricate way, he creates beautiful compositions that differentiate him from his counterparts. Since 2014 he has been diligently creating this body of work by replicating the captivating beauty of pop icons with his own style. As an emerging artist from The Netherlands, his collage works are always being provided with posters he collects from walls out of the streets he has developed a technique of Sustainable art which gives a living and edgy character to his paintings. He also uses other old materials, like damaged brushes, blunt stanleyknives or other older and sometimes broken tools. Since by working with these tools and materials the result is always more surprising and exciting. Gieler is able to create a completely unusual and powerful body of work by using rebellious and nostalgic plays on icons of the past and present such as Brigitte Bardot, Kate Moss, Elvis Presley, and Marilyn Monroe. Working on mostly larger canvases, the presence of these pop pieces make a dramatic statement but once looking closer at the details, the viewer is able to discover exciting, rich textures by the many layers of selected hand pulled posters. Gielers evolving fascination with the voice of Amsterdam is now expanding to different cities such as London and New York. He aims to participate environments of the world into his pieces by using considerable efforts to bring the two together. His journey through the cities on bicycle leaves him soaking up the backdrop of the streets, which then, later on, translates into the passion he puts into creating his compositions. The result is a refreshing take on pop art that excites the viewer with strong suggestions of color, texture, and design.