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MZ Urban Art

548 W 28th St. - Suite 232 - Second floor, New York




Rendez-vous New York
Oct 19-Oct 28
Featuring works by Jean Marc Calvet Jean-Antoine Hierro A two-man exhibition in collaboration with Artemisia Gallery Jean Marc Calvets work is a vibrant, color saturated festival with a huge cast of personalities displaying the full range of human emotion and experience. His large canvases are filled to overflowing with action, drawing the viewer in close and challenging them to absorb everything and miss nothing. What makes Calvets work special is the subliminal honesty which has always defined his work. Starting with the instinctive first slash of household paint on a wall that he made in desperation in 2000, to the still instinctual but well honed, intellectual, dynamic personal story telling work that he expertly creates at his studio in Nicaragua today.He has always been brutally open and honest about how he feels and thinks and has translated that onto his canvases. Originally his works were the product of art brut, untrained, in his own words vomiting out of the deep subconscious. The result of a young life that had faltered on the streets of Nice, that went on to see war, the criminal underworld and a personal hell of abuse and addiction. He had really passed the point of no return, but fortunately found salvation and a second chance in art.At this time, there was no thinking, no feeling. There was only a purging that resulted in his remarkable early works. Day after day, night after night, sometimes without even sleeping, Calvet has been painting. For seventeen years now, his studio has been his training ground. He has been self-taught, but the more than 32,000 hours of experimenting, exploring and expressing his experiences has brought him to a new level of proficiency that is now giving him the ability to direct his own artistic development. Calvet is an intellectual. A philosopher. His years of painting has been accompanied with a studying of the world, the human condition, artists and their art and his own introspections. He has been inspired and encouraged by others, and by his own curiosity and desire to question and understand everything. His understanding has evolved and so has his work. Today, Calvets work coalesces the essence of his early work with the expertise garnered through the years. His art is no longer purely a redemption of a past life but the journey of a new life. One that he is happy to share. Calvet the feature documentary film of Jean Marc Calvets life by British director Dominic Allan is available on demand through Vimeo. Jean-Antoine HIERRO The illegible word infers something that is depicted HIERRO offers us a pictorial reflection on the presumed real meaning of words and speech in the form of well thought-out abstraction, imprint of the imagery of Urban Art, Pop Art, as well as calligraph and illumination. Hierro questions himself and questions us on our relation to Art and our own presumptions of being able to read and understand a work of art. By imposing a time for decryption, he forces himself and us to take a minimum time of reading and understanding in a society where the speed at which one image chases away another, is incessant and where the concept itself of time and space is shrinking by the second. This time offered by the artist for reading, aims at emphasizing the importance of the meaning of words, therefore of things, all the while analyzing our weaknesses and understanding them. We believe mistakenly that we live in a world of images, but we live in a world of words, the word revealing the meaning of the image. Artist represented by Artemisia www.visitartemisia.comShow runs from October 19 till 28, 2017 - Opening reception: Thursday, October 19th 6-8pm Brunch and conversation with the artist Saturday, October 21 from noon to 6. Music by DJ Chiricano & Martin Fuks Location: 548 West 28th Street - Suite 232 - Second floor - New York, NY 10001