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Painting Center

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Tuesday - Saturday 11 am to 6 pm




Jack McWhorter
May 23-Jun 17
The Painting Center is pleased to present Jack McWhorter: Slow Formations in the Main Gallery and Project Room. Jack McWhorters paintings in Slow Formations are snapshots of structures in flux or becoming. The central narrative is color coming into its own in response to other colors. The paintings start with the stratification of color and paint and then forms are organized through movement and repetition. Tom Wachunas writes that McWhorter establishes sets of marks, lines, and washes, often layered zigzags, diamond shapes, or lozenge units amid ghostly grids all separate yet inseparable. And essential to the impact of these images is the exhilarating expressivity of color. Call it chromatic drama. These integrated systems of gestural and chromatic configurations can allow all manner of associations. They might indicate tangible, scientific phenomena and structures in the natural world, or signal the subtler workings of life on less visible planes. Jack McWhorter received an M.F.A. from Kent State University in 1983. McWhorter was awarded fellowships to attend the Blossom Studio Art Program to study with Elmer Bischoff, Lynda Benglis, Adja Yunkers, Janet Fish, Walter Darby Bannard and Alex Katz. He has been a visiting artist at St. Luca School of Art & Architecture, Brussels, Belgium, The Walworth Barbour American International School in Tel Aviv, and for the Ohio Arts Council. His paintings and works on paper have been exhibited widely including solo and group exhibitions in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Chicago, Flagstaff, New York, Ventura, New Orleans, Beijing, Chengdu, Shijiazhuang, St. Louis, Brussels, Leuven, Overijse, Paris, Glasgow, Tel Aviv and Siena. Since 2000, McWhorter has been Associate Professor of Painting and Coordinator of the Art Department at Kent State University at Stark. He lives and works in Akron with his wife and 2 sons. www.jackmcwhorter.com

Claire McConaughy: Still Air
May 23-Jun 17
The Painting Center is pleased to present Claire McConaughy: Still Air in the Main Gallery and Project Room. In the exhibition Still Air, Claire McConaughy describes her paintings as translations of scenes that have been shifted, the way a poet recalls an event and reconstructs it into words, metaphors and impressions. The paintings originate from actual places, but the images, colors, brush strokes and compositions are adjusted until they are new moments. Coming from a small town surrounded by wooded areas that she has been painting since childhood, McConaughy brings those places to her current home in Brooklyn to paint from. The source images become part of the present while filled with memories. Claire McConaughy lives and works in New York. She earned her MFA in painting from Columbia University and her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University. She has exhibited in galleries including Selections 45 at The Drawing Center, Variations in Paint at The Painting Center, Persona at the Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery, College of St. Elizabeth, Reductive, at Jeffrey Leder Gallery, Portraits at Storefront Gallery and others. She received a Ucross Foundation Residency and Santa Fe Art Institute Artists Residency. For over a decade she was on the staff of New Observations Magazine, a non-profit art journal. http://clairemcconaughy.com/