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Morgan Lehman Gallery

534 West 24th Street, New York
10am - 6pm Tuesday - Saturday and by appointment.




Paul Wackers: Early Settlers
May 11-Jun 17
Morgan Lehman Gallery is pleased to present Early Settlers, Paul Wackers third solo show with the gallery. Paul Wackers work provides a glimpse into an intimate world, where objects and abstractions coalesce into personal and historical narratives. Through the juxtaposition of natural and synthetic textures and objects both mundane and iconic, Wackers work acts as both a record of his own domestic routine and surroundings, and as a lens into collective human experience and historical change. Here the everyday and the universal find equal footing in their distillation into singular, evocative artifacts.

Samantha Bittman: Inside-Out
May 11-Jun 17
Morgan Lehman is pleased to present Samantha Bittmans first solo exhibition with the gallery. In four new works, the artist continues her practice of weaving complex textiles on a loom and painting selected portions of their surfaces.