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Leila Heller Gallery

568 W 25th St, New York
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm




Exilic Pleasures: Surrealism Refuged in America
Apr 27-Jul 28
This exhibition, based in part on the pioneering scholarship of Martica Sawin in her opus Surrealism in Exile, features the work of Andr Breton, Yves Tanguy, Salvador Dali, Leonora Carrington, Andr Masson, Roberto Matta, Wolfgang Paalen, Kurt Seligmann, Max Ernst, Leonor Fini, Oscar Dominguez, Victor Brauner, Enrico Donati, Kay Sage, Gerome Kamrowski, William Baziotes, Federico Castellon, Jimmy Ernst, and David Hare. Curated in partnership with Rowland Weinstein.

Lalla Essaydi: Still in Progress
Jun 07-Aug 15
Lalla Essaydi's photographs are the result of a complex performance-based process comprised of painting, calligraphy, interior design, costume design, stage directing, and finally photography.

Afruz Amighi: No More Disguise
Jun 22-Jul 28
Although known for her elegant studies in the inanimate and architectural, this new body of figural works continues to utilize Afruz Amighi's intricate strategies of shadow and light, replete with an elaborate architectonics.