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Amsterdam Whitney

531 West 25th Street Ground Floor, New York
Tuesday-Saturday, 11:00-5:00




Amsterdam Whitney Gallerys DECEMBER 2016 Exhibition7
Dec 15-Jan 30
AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, 531 West 25th Street- Ground Floor-Chelsea, New York City, is proud to showcase in its glittering and glamorous DECEMBER 15-JANUARY 30, 2018 Holiday Extravaganza Exhibition, which is highlighted by its 16th Annual Holiday Fete on December 16th. In the spirit of the Chelsea Holiday Art Season, AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY is showcasing unparalleled artworks from talented artists spanning the U.S. and the globe whose works illuminate the vigorous creativity flourishing in the abstract, figurative and natural realms. Celebrating four resplendent Holiday group exhibitions, a link of thematic excellence unites these four exhibitions, offering Chelsea art lovers paintings of sublime superiority. Evocative and dynamic, this Amsterdam Whitney Holiday exhibition exudes an alluring glow with stunning luminous creative energy reflecting an ethereal combination of works which challenge the boundaries of artistic creativity.

Amsterdam Whitney Gallerys FEBRUARY 2018 Exhibition
Feb 02-Mar 14
AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, 531 West 25th Street- Ground Floor-Chelsea, New York City, is proud to showcase its FEBRUARY 2-MARCH 14, 2018 Valentine Exhibition starring leading Contemporary Master Artists whose works explore the abstract, figurative and natural worlds. This sweetheart of an exhibition contains a wealth of visual delights reflecting sublime artistic prowess. The exhibition is highlighted by its 16th Annual VALENTINES KING & QUEEN of HeARTS SOIREE on Saturday, FEBRUARY 10, 2018, which embraces unsurpassed contemporary master artworks which radiate supreme artist energy as it seductively romances our visual senses. Delivering a visual commentary on the art world of today and pulsating with mesmerizing synergy and luminescent artistic creativity, these Valentine treasures are infused with a romantic mystique and become landmark visual gems as they boldly re-imagine the contemporary quotidian. Sophisticated, eclectic and evanescent, this visual diary of art represents the universality of the world as they shine the spotlight on a global artistic language and present various perspectives. Emotional engagement pairs up with acute observation and intelligent analysis to form compelling, thought-provoking art. Finely judged to appeal to our feelings, these works are able to speak on a number of levels at once, imparting a message while touching our hearts.