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Lyons Wier Gallery

542 W 24th St, New York
Tuesday - Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm




Anthony Adcock: Foundation
Sep 06-Sep 29
Series of hyper real paintings and sculptures that resemble building materials from a construction site. Every Anthony Adcock exhibition is mounted with the disclaimer, There is no wood or metal in this exhibition.   In todays bustling world, this disclaimer works two-fold one, as a speed bump to slow the view down, and two, as a compass to point the viewer into the realm of painting. Adcocks paintings and sculptures literally resemble the objects found on a job-site pieces of worn plywood, rusty I-beams, scrap rebar, work tools, etc., and are often dismissed as debris and not actual artwork.  Anthony Adcock is a superb example of a Conceptual Realist. A Conceptual Realist is one who utilizes realism as a point of departure focusing on the essence of the subject matter rather than verisimilitude. Adcock creates his artwork by synthesizing the knowledge gleaned from three generations of builders, his comprehensive understanding of the trade, and an uncompromising studio practice dedicated to the advancement of realism. By combining his expert understanding of construction with the intellectual rigor of abstract painting via realism, Adcocks artwork oscillates between amazement and absurdity.   Opening Reception: Thurs, Sep 6, 6-8pm.