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Galerie Esther Woerdehoff

36, rue Falguiere, Paris
+33 9 51 51 24 50
Tuesday to Saturday 2 - 6 p.m.




PUTPUT, Coffee for Oppenheim
Jan 31-Mar 25
PUTPUT is an interdisciplinary artist duo formed by Stefan Friedli born 1987, Switzerland and Ulrik Martin Larsen born 1975, Denmark, created in 2011 and based in Copenhagen. The meeting of these two artists, coming from the design and fashion scene, leads them to develop a universe at the intersection of contemporary photography, sculpture and design. Their works, surreal and offbeat constructions, question our perception of reality and invite us to take a fresh look at our close environment. Among their series, Popsicles presents a selection of replicas of ice creams in different flavours, a minimal assembly of a colourful cleaning sponge and a wooden stick. For Inflorescence, PUTPUT create indoor plants, flowering hybrids perched between the natural and artificial. PUTPUTs artworks renew the genre of still life in a playful and humorous spirit which does not exclude an extensive conceptual and formal research. The project Coffee for Oppenheim has its starting point in a diverse combination of references, all with the common denominator of being Swiss or connected to Switzerland. With very direct reference points in truly iconic Swiss artworks, artists, inventions and folklore we have undertaken a journey in sculpture, object and image through new variations, interpretations and byproducts of well known creations. Meret Oppenheim, Giacometti, Alfred Neweczerzal inventor of the Zena Rex Peeler, 1947 and the legend of Wilhelm Tell all play central roles for the objects, sculptures and images in the Coffee for Oppenheim project. Either as direct inspiration, in thought and philosophy or as instigators for new artworks. The works are tongue in cheek interpretations of these true icons, a tribute that elaborates, reconfigures and indirectly comments on the undeniable quality of these artworks and objects whilst constituting conceptual works of art in their own right. http://ewgalerie.com/assets/files/pdf/DP/DP2017_PUTPUT_en.pdf PUTPUT, Galerie Esther Woerdehoff

Guillaume Martial, Footlights
Apr 04-May 06
Footlights is an inventive and playful exhibition, a burlesque tribute to the inventors of the moving picture and photographic illusion, located in a former artist studio in Montparnasse.