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Bendana Pinel Art Contemporain

4 Rue du Perche, Paris
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A Table for One
May 20-Jul 01
Thomas Broom uses repetition as a recurring technique in his art production playing with words and forms. Owing to his great command of perspective, Broom depicts and builds structures with words in his works on paper and paintings. And words have a leading role in this process - their repetition generates the forms the picture is made of, by closely overlapping the sign and the represented item. With his new 3D work, Thomas Broom challenges his own artistic technique and method of representation, thanks to digital technology. Everyday items, technological products and artists work his 3D printed text-objects are a visual surprise. Both background and form, multiple and single words are being used for conceptualisation and design purposes, as well as to delimit space, surface and the very materiality of the text-object table, chaire, vase, carpet... Broom skilfully plays with words and things by defying our representation system. He naturally introduces his text-objects into a sophisticated representation universe, simple and complex at a time. A table for one installation is perfectly in line with Brooms plan to blur our understanding. What is right, is a mirror image of what is wrong or is the other way around?