303 Gallery
555 W 21st St
Jul 20-Aug 18
Karel Funk
532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel
532 W 25th St
Apr 06-May 06
Piers Secunda: ISIS Bullet Hole Paintings
Able Fine Art NY
143 Orchard St
ACA Galleries
529 W 20th St, 5th Fl
Apr 27-Jun 03
Grace Hartigan: '1922-2008'
Agora Gallery
530 W 25th St
Apr 25-May 16
Expanding Expectations: Portal to Enigma, Persistence of Form, and The Fire Within
Alexander Gray Associates
510 W 26th St
Sep 07-Oct 21
Polly Apfelbaum: The Potential of Women
Allan Stone Projects
535 W 22nd St, 3rd Floor
Apr 27-Jun 17
James Havard: Cultural Crossroads
Alma Gallery
625 W. 27th Street
Ameringer McEnery Yohe
525 W 22nd St
Jun 01-Jul 01
Isca Greenfield-Sanders: Keep Them Still
Amsterdam Whitney
531 West 25th Street Ground Floor
May 05-Jun 14
Amsterdam Whitneys MAY Exhibition
Andre Zarre Gallery
529 W 20th St
Andrea Rosen Gallery
525 West 24th Steet
Andrea Rosen Gallery - Gallery 2
544 W 24th Street
Andrew Kreps Gallery
535/537 W 22nd St
Apr 13-May 13
Camille Blatrix, Franco Vaccari
Anna Zorina Gallery
533 West 23 Street
May 11-Jun 30
DALE LEWIS Full English
Anton Kern Gallery
16 E 55th St
May 25-Jul 07
Ellen Berkenblit
Aperture Gallery
547 W 27th St, 4th Floor
Apr 27-Jun 29
Alessandra Sanguinetti: Le Gendarme Sur La Colline
Art100 Gallery
555 W 25th St
Apr 20-Jun 10
Judy Pfaff: Hearts and Bones
Artemisa Gallery
530 West 25th Street, 4th Floor
Apr 17-May 25
Vicky Barranguet: Opus
Asya Geisberg Gallery
537 W 23rd St
Apr 06-May 13
Trish Tillman: Stage Diver
Atlantic Gallery
548 W 28th St, Suite 540
Apr 18-May 13
Mary Anne Warner: The Water's Edge
Benrubi Gallery
521 W 26th St, 2nd Floor
Apr 20-Jun 17
Massimo Vitali: Disturbed Coastal Systems
Birnam Wood / Galleries
514 West 24th Street
Blue Mountain Gallery
530 W 25th St, 4th floor
Apr 25-May 20
Marjorie Kramer, Sam Thurston
520 W 20th St
Bowery Gallery
530 W 25th St, 4th Fl
Bruce Silverstein
529 W 20th St, Third Floor
Mar 09-May 06
Keith A. Smith: The Postcards, 1965-Present
Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery
505 W 24th St
Apr 27-Jun 17
Jim Campbell: New Work
C24 Gallery
560 W 24th St
May 02-Jun 30
Caelum Gallery
508/526 W 26th St, Suite 315
Carolina Nitsch Project Room
534 West 22nd Street
Carter Burden Center Gallery
548 W 28th St, #534
May 04-May 25
On the Wall: Irmari Nacht
Casey Kaplan
121 W 27th St
Jun 22-Jul 28
Nathan Carter
Cassina Projects
508 W 24th Street
May 03-Jun 17
In Praise of Shadows
Cavin-Morris Gallery
210 11th Avenue, Suite 201
Apr 13-May 27
On Love and Barley: Art from Japan
Ceres Gallery
547 West 27th Street
Apr 25-May 20
Carlyle Chaudruc: New Work
Chambers Fine Art
522 West 19th Street
Apr 06-Jun 17
Endurance: New Works by Xie Xiaoze
Cheim & Read
547 W 25th St
May 25-Jul 07
Chantal Joffe
Chelsea Classical Studio Gallery
526 West 26th Street, Suite 415
Claire Oliver
513 West 26th Street
Apr 13-May 13
Norbert Brunner: Authenticity and Courage
247 W 29th St
Apr 13-May 26
Fabio Torre: A Contemporary Glance
Cristin Tierney Gallery
540 W 28th St
Apr 27-May 27
Janet Biggs, Regina Jose Galindo: Endurance
Crush Curatorial
526 West 26th Street, Suite 709
Cueto Project
551 West 21st Street
Curator Gallery
520 W 23rd St
Apr 20-May 20
Down Any Street: Todd Webb's Photographs of New York, 1945 - 1960
511 W 22nd St
Apr 21-Jun 23
Deborah Butterfield: New Sculpture
Daniel Cooney Fine Art
508 - 526 W 26th St, #9C
Mar 16-May 06
Benoit Delhomme: My Hollywood
David Nolan Gallery
527 W 29th St
Mar 30-May 06
Ciprian Muresan: All Images from a Book...
David Zwirner - West 19th Street
519, 525, 533 W 19th St
Apr 29-Jun 24
Raymond Pettibon: Th' Explosiyv Shoyrt T
David Zwirner - West 20th Street
537 W 20th St
Apr 27-Jun 24
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
DC Moore Gallery
535 W 22nd St, 2nd Floor
May 04-Jun 14
Whitfield Lovell: What's Past is Prologue, Early Works 1986-1996
De Buck Gallery
545 W 23rd St
Jun 08-Jul 15
Juan Garaizabal: Build A Story
Denise Bibro Fine Art
529 W 20th St, 4W
Apr 06-May 13
Thurston Belmer, Jack Rosenberg: Iconic Vignettes
Dia:Chelsea - Dia Art Foundation
535 W 22nd St
Nov 05-Jul 29
Hanne Darboven: Kulturgeschichte 1880-1983
Dillon Gallery
487 West 22nd Street
Doosan Gallery New York
533 W 25th St
Apr 13-May 11
Kang Jungsuck: Game I-II
Driscoll Babcock Galleries
525 W 25th St
May 11-Jun 10
Abe Ajay: Alphabet
Edward Thorp Gallery
531 W 26th St, 2nd Fl
Apr 27-Jun 03
New Work, New York
Electronic Arts Intermix
535 W 22nd St, 5th Fl
Elga Wimmer PCC
526 W 26th St, #310
Elizabeth Harris Gallery
529 W 20th St, #6E
Apr 20-Jun 03
Julian Hatton: Free Range
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery
547 W 27th St, #510
Apr 06-May 01
Emre Yusufi: Hercules
Ethan Cohen New York
251 W 19th St
Falcon Power
555 W 25th Street, Ground Floor
First Street Gallery
526 W 26th St, Suite 209
May 23-Jun 17
Marion Miller: Dogs in Water
FitzGerald Fine Arts
40 Wooster St
FLAG Art Foundation
545 W 25th St, 9th Fl
Jan 19-May 13
Etel Adnan, Gerhard Richter
Flomenhaft Gallery
547 W 27th St, Suite 200
Apr 13-Jun 03
Roger Shimomura: Minidoka and Beyond
Florence Lynch Gallery
531-539 West 25th Street
Flowers Gallery
529 W 20th St, 3rd Fl
May 03-Jun 10
Fred Torres Gallery
505 West 28th Street
Fredericks & Freiser
536 W 24th St
Apr 20-May 26
Thomas Trosch
Gagosian Gallery - West 21st Steet
522 W 21st St
May 05-Jul 14
Anselm Kiefer: Transition from Cool to Warm
Gagosian Gallery - West 24th Steet
555 W 24th St
Apr 06-May 26
Robert Therrien
Galerie Lelong
528 W 26th St
Jun 22-Aug 05
Thematic Exhibition: Grupo Frente
Gallatin Galleries - New York University
1 Washington Pl
Galleria Ca' d'Oro
179 10th Ave
Gallery Henoch
555 W 25th St
Apr 20-May 13
Alexandra Pacula: Vertical City
Garvey Simon
547 W 27th St Suite 207
Jun 15-Jul 22
Daisy Craddock: Summer Produce
Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl
535 W 24th St, 3rd Fl
Feb 03-Apr 30
Richard Serra, Large Scale Works
George Adams Gallery
531 W 26th St, 1st Fl
Apr 13-May 20
Four Realists: Beal, Gillespie, Leslie, Valerio
George Billis Gallery
525 W 26th St
May 30-Jun 24
Alex Roulette, Christopher St. Leger
George Maciunas/ Fluxus Foundation, The
454 W 19th Street
Gladstone Gallery - West 21st Street
530 W 21st St
Apr 28-Jun 17
Cameron Jamie: Domestic Arenas: Massage the History, BB, Kranky Klaus
Gladstone Gallery - West 24th Street
515 W 24th St
Mar 31-May 06
Michael Williams
Half King
505 W 23rd St
Jun 27-Jun 27
Ernesto Bazan: Cuba 1992-2016
HG Contemporary Gallery
527 W 23rd St
Oct 05-Nov 03
Marc Gumpinger
Hixenbaugh Ancient Art
537a West 23rd
Hpgrp Gallery New York
434 Greenwich St
Apr 27-May 03
Yuko Bito: The quiet breathing of a nameless forest
Hudson Guild Gallery
441 W 26th St
Apr 28-Jun 22
The Sculpture of Michael Poast
Jack Shainman Gallery - West 20th Street
513 W 20th St
Apr 27-Jun 03
Becky Suss
Jack Shainman Gallery - West 24th Street
524 W 24th St
James Cohan - Chelsea
533 W 26th St
Apr 28-Jun 17
Elias Sime
Jane Lombard Gallery
518 W 19th St
Apr 13-May 26
Richard Ibghy, Marilou Lemmens
JanKossen Contemporary
529 W 20th St, 6th floor
May 11-Jul 01
Fentres de Dieu / Gods Windows
Jim Kempner Fine Art
501 W 23rd St
May 04-Jun 18
Robert Rauschenberg
JoAnne Artman Gallery
511 A West 22nd Street
Jun 01-Aug 31
Contemporary Consciousness Featuring JAMES WOLANIN and JANE MAXWELL
Joshua Liner Gallery
540 W 28th St
Apr 20-May 20
Aaron Johnson
Julie Saul Gallery
535 W 22nd St
Mar 16-May 13
Bill Jacobson: figure, ground
K&P Gallery
547 W 27th St, #518
Kathryn Markel Fine Arts
529 W 20th St, Suite 6W
May 11-Jun 17
Kips Gallery
511 W 25th St
Klein Sun Gallery
525 W 22nd St
May 04-Jul 17
Geng Xue: Mount Sumeru
Koenig & Clinton
459 W 19th St
Apr 13-May 20
Peter Dreher: Behind the Mirror
Lehmann Maupin
536 West 22nd Street
Jun 02-Aug 25
Till, Lit
Leila Heller Gallery
568 W 25th St
Lennon, Weinberg, Inc.
514 West 25th Street
Apr 27-Jun 17
Jill Moser - play, replay
Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects
535 W 22nd St, 6th Fl
Feb 16-May 06
Saya Woolfalk: ChimaCloud and the Pose System
Life Gallery
617 West 27th Street
Lilac Gallery
144 5th Ave, Suite 3L
Apr 20-May 18
Dom Pattinson
Littlejohn Contemporary Art
547 W 27th St, 2nd Fl
May 03-Jun 17
Mayme Kratz: Dust to Dust
Loretta Howard Gallery
521 W 26th St, 1st Fl
May 11-Jun 17
Shirley Goldfarb
Lori Bookstein Fine Art
138 10th Ave
Louis Ross Gallery
547 W 27th St, #504
Luhring Augustine
531 W 24th St
Apr 29-Jun 17
Lygia Clark
Lyons Wier Gallery
542 W 24th St
Magnan Metz Gallery
521 W 26th St
Margaret Thatcher Projects
539 W 23rd St
Apr 06-May 13
Raymond Saa
Marianne Boesky Gallery
509 W 24th St
May 05-Jun 17
Jay Heikes: Keep Out
Mary Boone Gallery - Chelsea
541 W 24th St
May 06-Jul 28
Judith Barry: imagination, dead imagine
Mary Boone Gallery - Fifth Avenue
745 5th Ave
May 04-Jul 28
Leidy Churchman: Kindly Bent to Ease Us
Massey Lyuben Gallery
531 W 25th St
Matthew Marks - 526 West 22nd Street
526 W 22nd St
May 05-Jun 24
Ellsworth Kelly: Plant Drawings
Matthew Marks Gallery - 522 West 22nd Street
522 W 22nd St
May 05-Jun 24
Ellsworth Kelly: Last Paintings
Matthew Marks Gallery - West 24th Street
523 W 24th St
May 05-Jun 24
Ray Johnson
Maxwell Davidson Gallery
521 W 26th St.
Apr 27-Jun 30
Henry Moore - Reflections
Metro Pictures
519 W 24th St
May 03-Jun 17
Robert Longo: The Destroyer Cycle
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery
100 Eleventh Avenue
Apr 07-Jun 03
William T. Williams: Things Unknown, Paintings 1968-2017
Mike Weiss Gallery
520 West 24th Steet
Milk Gallery
450 W 15th St
May 08-May 18
Parsons Festival 2017
Mitchell-Innes & Nash
534 W 26th St
May 18-Jun 24
Julian Stanczak
Monkdogz Urban Art
547 West 27th Street, 5th Floor
Morgan Lehman Gallery
534 West 24th Street
May 11-Jun 17
Samantha Bittman: Inside-Out
MZ Urban Art
617 West 27th street
Nancy Hoffman Gallery
520 W 27th St
May 18-Jul 01
Lynn McCarty: Slipping Sideways
Nancy Margolis Gallery
523 W 25th St
May 18-Jun 24
Heidi Howard
New Century Artists
530 W 25th St, Suite 406
New York Gallery Tours
526 West 26th Street
May 13-May 13
Chelsea LGBT gallery tour
Noho M55 Gallery
530 W 25th St, 4th Fl
Jun 27-Jul 22
Artist - Run, Invitational
Onishi Gallery
521 W 26th St
Apr 27-May 31
Playful Perfection: The Artists Imaginary Universe
Ozaneaux ArtSpace
515 West 20th Street, 4E
P.P.O.W Gallery
535 W 22nd St, New York, NY
Mar 31-May 13
Betty Tompkins: Virgins
Pace Gallery - West 24th Street
537 W 24th St
May 04-Jun 17
Leo Villareal
Pace Gallery - West 25th Street
510 W 25th St
May 06-Jun 17
Robert Mangold: Paintings and Works on Paper
Painting Center
547 West 27th Street, Suite 500
Apr 25-May 20
Al Peters: Just Painting and Small Drawings
Paul Kasmin Gallery - 293 Tenth Avenue
293 10th Ave
May 02-Jun 30
Roxy Paine: Farewell Transmission
Paul Kasmin Gallery - 297 Tenth Avenue
297 10th Ave
Paul Kasmin Gallery - West 27th Street
515 W 27th St
May 20-Jul 21
Mark Ryden: The Art of Whipped Cream
Paula Cooper Gallery - 521 West 21st Street
521 W 21st St
Apr 22-May 20
Justin Matherly: A recrudescence
Paula Cooper Gallery - 529 West 21st Street
529 W 21st St
Paula Cooper Gallery - 534 West 21st Street
534 W 21st St
Apr 27-Jun 02
David Novros
Pavel Zoubok Gallery
531 W 26th St
Apr 13-May 20
Matthew Cusick, Diane Samuels: Crosscurrents
Petzel Gallery
456 W 18th St
Apr 20-Jun 17
Walead Beshty: Open Source
Pleiades Gallery
530 W 25th St, #405
Apr 18-May 13
Ken Nelson, Denise Adler
Praxis International Art
541 W 25th St
Apr 06-May 27
Cristina Camacho: Tracing the Out of Sight
Primavera Gallery
210 11th Ave
Prince Street Gallery
530 W 25th St, 4th Fl
Apr 25-May 20
Jennifer Dunn
Printed Matter Inc.
231 11th Ave
Mar 31-Apr 30
A new stamp project by David Horvitz
Ralph M. Chait Galleries
16 E 52nd St, 10th Fl
Rare Gallery
547 W 27 Street, No. 514
Ricco/Maresca Gallery
529 West 20th Street, 3rd Floor
May 11-Jun 24
Hiroyuki Doi: SOUL
Robert Mann Gallery
525 W 26th St, 2nd Fl
Mar 24-May 06
Susan Rankaitis: Grey Matters
Rush Arts Gallery
526 W 26th St, #311
Apr 06-May 19
Detroit Grind
Ryan Lee
Apr 13-May 20
If you happen to be
Salon 94 Freemans
1 Freeman Alley
Apr 25-Jun 03
Jayson Musson: Demon All Day
Sears-Peyton Gallery
210 11th Ave, Suite 802
Apr 06-May 06
Celia Gerard: Ascen/Descent
Senior & Shopmaker Gallery
210 11th Ave, 8th Fl
Seres Gallery
317 10th Avenue South
Serrano Contemporary/Sonnet Gallery
547 W. 27th Street, #514
SIA NY Gallery
511 W 20th St, 2nd Fl, 2N
Sikkema Jenkins & Co.
530 W 22nd St
Apr 07-May 13
Leslie Hewitt: Vanitas: Open system
Silas Seandel Studio and Gallery
551 West 22nd Street
Skylight Modern Event Space
537 W 27th Street
307 W 30th St
May 11-Jun 16
Emily Shanahan: She thought her body was dissolving into foam
Sonnabend Gallery
536 West 22nd Street
526 W 26th Street, Suite 522
SPiN Galleries
516 W 25th St
Sputnik Gallery
547 West 27th Street, Suite 518
Steven Kasher Gallery
515 W 26th St
Jun 15-Aug 11
Teju Cole: Blind Spot and Black Paper
Stray Kat Gallery
450 W 14th St
Stricoff Fine Art
564 W 25th St
Sundaram Tagore Gallery - Chelsea
547 W 27th St
May 04-Jun 03
Zheng Lu: Undercurrent
Susan Inglett Gallery
522 W 24th St
Apr 27-Jun 03
Rat Bastard Protective Association
SVA Chelsea Gallery - School of Visual Arts
601 W 26th St, 15th Fl
Apr 29-May 20
MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Thesis Exhibition
SVA Flatiron Gallery - School of Visual Arts
133/141 W 21st Street
Apr 14-May 06
BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects Thesis Exhibition
Taglialatella Galleries - New York
229 10th Ave
May 11-May 11
Game On!
Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
521 W 21st St
Jun 22-Jul 28
Meschac Gaba
Tazza Gallery
547 West 27th Street
The Gallery at Reinstein/Ross
30 Gansevoort Street
May 03-Jun 25
Breakthrough: Swedish Art Jewelry Today
The Kitchen NYC
512 W 19th St
Apr 06-May 13
Aki Sasamoto: Yield Point
Thomas Erben Gallery
526 W 26th St, Fl 4
Mar 24-May 06
Dona Nelson
Unix Gallery
532 W 24th St
Apr 21-Jun 17
Peter Anton: Sugatarium
Visio Dell'Arte Gallery - Max Laniado Gallery
522 West 23rd Street
Walter Wickiser Gallery
210 11th Ave, Suite 303
Jun 22-Aug 17
Gallery Artists Part XIV
Winkleman Gallery
621 West 27th Street
Winston Wachter Fine Art
530 West 25th Street, Ground Floor
Apr 06-May 13
Sign Language
Witzenhausen Gallery
547 West 27th Street
Yancey Richardson Gallery
525 W 22nd St
Apr 06-May 13
Mark Steinmetz: South
Yossi Milo Gallery
245 10th Ave
May 04-Jun 24
Mark Ruwedel: Hell and Home
516 W 20th St