Acquavella Galleries
18 E 79th St
Apr 20-May 26
Calder / Miro: Constellations
Adam Baumgold Gallery
60 E 66th St
Almine Rech Gallery - New York
39 E 78th St
May 02-Jun 15
Imaginary Ancestors
Anders Wahlstedt Fine Art
40 E 63rd St
May 11-Jun 17
Sonia Gechtoff: Drawings from the Early 1960's
Anita Shapolsky Gallery
152 E 65th St
May 11-Jul 31
A Non-Objective Couple
Arsenal Gallery - Central Park
830 5th Ave, Central Park
May 04-Jun 15
Other Homes
Artist's Institute - Hunter College
132 E 65th St
Baahng Gallery
790 Madison Ave
Apr 11-May 31
True Grit
Barbara Mathes Gallery
22 E 80th St
Apr 26-Jun 30
Liminal Focus
Bertha and Karl Leubsdorf Art Gallery - Hunter College
695 Park Ave
Apr 08-May 07
Blum & Poe
19 E 66th St
Apr 19-May 27
Gavin Kenyon: Shrouds
Broadway 1602 Uptown
5 E 63rd St
Craig F. Starr Gallery
5 E 73rd St
Apr 07-May 20
John Baldessari: Paintings 1966-68
David Tunick Inc.
13 E 69th St
Davis & Langdale Company Inc.
231 E 60th St
Deborah Bell Photographs
16 E 71st St
May 11-Jun 30
Beyond Fashion: Woman in Landscape
Debra Force Fine Art
13 E 69th St, Suite 4F
May 08-Jul 07
El Matador and other Masterworks
Di Donna Galleries
744 Madison Ave
Dickinson Roundell Inc.
19 E 66th St
Elkon Gallery
18 E 81st St
Mar 03-May 26
Works on Paper
Eykyn Maclean, New York
23 E 67th St
FIAF Gallery - French Institute Alliance Francaise
22 E 60th St
Franklin Parrasch Gallery
53 E 64th St
May 06-Jun 24
Ken Price: Eggs, 1961-1970
25 E 73rd St
Mar 21-Aug 31
Kit White: The Nature of This Place
Gagosian Gallery - Madison Ave
976 Madison Ave
May 06-Jun 30
Ed Ruscha: Custom-Built Intrigue: Drawings 1974-1984
Galerie Buchholz
17 E 82nd St
May 03-Jun 17
Mathias Poledna: Substance
Galerie Mourlot
16 E 79th St
Gerald Peters Contemporary
24 East 78th St
May 18-Jun 16
American Realism: A Survey
Gladstone 64
130 E 64th St
Mar 04-Jun 17
Mimmo Rotella: Selected Early Works
Godel & Co.
506 East 74th St
Grolier Club
47 E 60th St
Feb 22-Apr 29
Images of Value: The Artwork Behind U.S. Security Engraving 1830s-1980s
Half Gallery
43 E 78th St
Hammer Galleries
32 East 67th St
Hans P. Kraus Jr. Fine Photographs
962 Park Ave
Mar 02-May 12
The Art of the Paper Negative
Hauser & Wirth - New York, 69th Street
32 E 69th St
Apr 20-Jun 17
August Sander
Hawthorne Fine Art
12 E 86th St, Suite 527
Helly Nahmad Gallery
975 Madison Ave
Feb 07-May 11
Selected Works by 20th Century Masters
Henrique Faria New York
35 E 67th St
Mar 31-May 13
Alessandro Balteo-Yazbeck: Autocratic Nostalgia
Higher Pictures
980 Madison Ave
Institute of Fine Arts - New York University
1 E 78th St
Mar 30-May 26
Lucy Kim: Rejuvenate and Repeat
Ippodo Gallery
12 E 86th St
Jun 08-Jun 30
Hafu Matsumoto: Bamboo Exposed
Island Weiss Gallery
201 E 69th St
Istituto Italiano di Cultura / Italian Cultural Institute in New York
686 Park Ave
May 09-Jun 12
European Art At The Time Of The Treaties Of Rome: Informel, Abstraction, Zero, around 1957
Jane Kahan Gallery
922 Madison Ave
Jill Newhouse Gallery
4 E 81st St 2B
May 01-Jun 30
Wall Paper
Joan B Mirviss Ltd.
39 E 78th St, Suite 401
May 02-Jun 07
Nakamura Takuo, Takegoshi Jun
John Molloy Gallery
49 E 78th St
Apr 08-May 06
Glenn Goldberg, Ed Smith: Of Spirit and Sense
74 E 79th St
Keith de Lellis Gallery
1045 Madison Ave
Apr 20-Jun 23
Picture the World
Kraushaar Galleries
15 E 71st St, #2B
Apr 12-May 05
L. Parker Stephenson Photographs
764 Madison Ave
Feb 24-Apr 29
Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen: Step By Step
Leonard Hutton Galleries
790 Madison Ave
Leslie Feely
33 E 68th St
Apr 29-Jul 01
Friedel Dzubas: Sketches
Levy Gorvy
909 Madison Ave
Luxembourg & Dayan
64 E 77th St
Feb 27-May 06
The Ends of Collage
Mark Borghi Fine Art
52 E 76th St
Apr 07-May 04
Mercedes Matter
Mark Hachem - New York
988 Madison Ave
Mary-Anne Martin Fine Art
23 E 73rd St
Menconi + Schoelkopf
13 E 69th St
Meredith Ward Fine Art
44 E 74th St, Suite G
181 E 90th St
Michael Werner Gallery
4 E 77th St
Mar 16-May 13
Jorg Immendorff: LIDL Works and Performances from the 60s.
Mireille Mosler Ltd.
35 E 67th St
Mitchell-Innes & Nash - Madison Avenue
1018 Madison Ave
May 23-Jun 30
Pope.L: Proto-Skin Set
MME Fine Art
74 E 79th St
Mnuchin Gallery
45 E 78th St
Apr 18-Jun 10
Cindy Sherman: Once Upon a Time, 1981 - 2011
Moeller Fine Art
35 E 64th St
Opera Gallery New York
791 Madison Ave
May 11-Jun 01
Bernard Buffet
Ordovas Art Gallery
9 E 77th St
Paul Calendrillo New York Gallery
507 Main St
Apr 04-Apr 29
Asako Iwasawa: A Magical Secret Garden
Petzel Gallery - East 67th Street
35 E 67th St
May 04-Jul 17
Joyce Pensato: Make My Day
Phoenix Ancient Art
47 E 66th St
Pia Gallo
53 E 64th St, Suite 1140
Questroyal Fine Art
903 Park Ave
Richard Gray Gallery
1018 Madison Ave
May 02-Jun 10
Jim Dine
Richard L. Feigen & Co.
36 E 73rd St
Rosenberg & Co.
19 E 66th St
Apr 29-Jul 21
British Modern Masters
Sandra Gering Inc.
14 E 63rd St
May 11-Jul 28
Jennifer Wen Ma: Eight Views Of Paradise Interrupted
Sebastian Izzard Asian Art
17 E 76th St, 3rd Fl
Skarstedt Gallery
20 E 79th St
Sundaram Tagore Gallery - Madison Avenue
1100 Madison Ave
Apr 01-Apr 29
Sebastiao Salgado: Genesis
Taka Ishii Gallery New York
23 E 67th St
Mar 23-Apr 29
Kansuke Yamamoto
Taylor Graham
32 E 67th St
Tilton Gallery
8 E 76th St
Apr 27-Jun 24
Luca Dellaverson: Mystic Stylez
Trinity House
24 E 64th St
Ubu Gallery
416 E 59th St
Dec 09-May 13
Heide Hatry: Icons in Ash: Cremation Portraits
Ukrainian Institute of America
2 E 79th St
May 12-Jun 01
Max Vityk: Paintings
Van de Weghe Fine Art
1018 Madison Ave
Apr 28-Jun 30
Henrique Oliveira
Van Doren Waxter
23 E 73rd St
May 03-Jun 23
Tom Fairs: Special Presentation
Venus Over Manhattan
980 Madison Ave
Jun 02-Aug 04
Michel Houellebecq: French Bashing
Visual Arts at Americas Society
680 Park Ave
May 04-Jul 22
Erick Meyenberg: The wheel bears no resemblance to a leg
Vivian Horan Fine Art
35 E 67th St, #2
Waterhouse & Dodd
960 Madison Ave
Apr 06-Apr 29
Doug Argue