56 Henry
56 Henry St
Apr 19-May 28
Richard Tinkler: Paintings and Drawings
Alexander and Bonin
47 Walker St
Apr 29-Jun 24
Robert Kinmont: Want
291 Church St
Mar 30-May 27
Outlaw Glass
Art Projects International
434 Greenwich St
Apr 20-May 20
Soo Im Lee: across time and place
Artists Space Books & Talks
55 Walker St
May 07-Jun 18
Laura Cottingham: The Anita Pallenberg Story
Cheryl Hazan Gallery
35 N. Moore St
Apr 20-May 20
Thomas Sayre: Cynefin
China Institute
100 Washington St
May 25-Nov 12
Dreams Of The Kings: A Jade Suit For Eternity
E.Tay Gallery
39 White St
Essex Flowers Gallery
19 Monroe St
Apr 21-May 21
Tatiana Kronberg: Exposure
Eye For Art
59 Franklin St
Mar 28-Apr 29
Ismail Gulgee
Foxy Production
2 E Broadway, #200
Apr 07-May 14
Sara Cwynar: Rose Gold
Gallery Molly Krom
13 Monroe St
Hpgrp Gallery New York
434 Greenwich St
Apr 27-May 03
Yuko Bito: The quiet breathing of a nameless forest
Jeffrey Stark
88 E Broadway
Apr 09-May 07
Marco Barrera: Closing
373 Broadway, #207
Mar 24-Apr 30
Katrina Fimmel: Cirrus
56 Henry St
Mela Foundation
275 Church St
Nov 23-May 20
Dream House: Sound and Light Environment
National Exemplar Gallery
59 Franklin St
New Release Gallery
60 Mulberry St
Mar 31-Apr 29
Logan Criley: For Your Pleasure
New York Academy of Art
111 Franklin St
One Art Space
23 Warren St
Apr 29-May 13
Group Show: Society for Art Of Imagination
Postmasters Gallery
54 Franklin St
Queer Thoughts
373 Broadway, #C9
Apr 22-May 21
Lulou Margarine: Time of Day
R & Company
82 Franklin St
May 09-Jul 31
Woven Forms
Shirley Fiterman Art Center - Borough of Manhattan Community College
81 Barclay St
May 30-Sep 09
127 Henry St
Apr 01-May 14
Josef Bull: The T Party
Soho Photo Gallery
15 White St
Apr 05-Apr 29
Martin Frank: Industrial Figures
Swiss Institute / Contemporary Art New York
102 Franklin St
May 03-Jun 11
Timothee Calame: Curriculum
Taymour Grahne Gallery
157 Hudson St