Horton Gallery
113 E 29th St, #1
Apr 28-May 21
Michael Dotson: And What The Stars Will Bring
SVA Gramercy Gallery - School of Visual Arts
209 E 23rd St
Apr 22-May 20
MFA Design Thesis Launch: Beyond Design Venture 17
Sidney Mishkin Gallery - Baruch College
135 E 22nd St
Apr 21-May 19
Self-Taught Art from Latin America and the Caribbean: The Aldemaro and Ana Romero Collection
Lilac Gallery
144 5th Ave, Suite 3L
Apr 20-May 18
Dom Pattinson
Marisa Newman Projects
38 W 32nd St
Apr 06-May 13
Jude Broughan: Memory Foam
Gordon Robichaux
41 Union Square W, #925
Feb 26-Apr 30
Ken Tisa: Objects/Time/Offerings
8th Floor
17 W 17th St
Feb 09-May 19
The Intersectional Self