Andrew Edlin Gallery
212 Bowery
Apr 26-Jun 04
Domenico Zindato: 31
Andrew Edlin Gallery
212 Bowery
Apr 26-Jun 04
Charles Steffen: After Rodin and the One-Eyed Nude
Ashok Jain Gallery
58 Hester St
Apr 26-May 21
Spring Flow
84 Orchard St
Apr 26-May 07
Group exhibition
Salon 94 Bowery
243 Bowery
Apr 25-Jun 03
Josep Grau-Garriga: Tapestries 1970 - 2011
Salon 94 Freemans
1 Freeman Alley
Apr 25-Jun 03
Jayson Musson: Demon All Day
Richard Taittinger Gallery
154 Ludlow St
Apr 25-Jun 11
Nirveda Alleck, Eric van Hove: Ethics in a World of Strangers
P! Gallery
334 Broome St
Apr 23-May 21
Celine Condorelli: Epilogue
Lichtundfire Art Gallery
175 Rivington St
Apr 22-May 26
Christopher Stout: Come Out 2 Show Them
Rawson Projects
221 Madison St
Apr 21-Jun 04
Lizzie Wright: Log Cabin Light
Jack Hanley Gallery
327 Broome St
Apr 21-May 21
Amy Douglas: The Unfortunate Souvenirs of Our Time
167 Rivington St
Apr 21-Jun 11
Naoki Sutter-Shudo
Nicelle Beauchene Gallery
327 Broome St
Apr 21-May 21
Daniel Rios Rodriguez: Controlled Burn
Kristen Lorello
195 Chrystie St
Apr 21-Jun 11
Lauren Portada, Josh Slater, Leah Tacha
Derek Eller Gallery
300 Broome St
Apr 20-May 21
David Korty: Sleeper
Company Gallery
88 Eldridge St
Apr 20-May 21
Body Language
GR Gallery
255 Bowery
Apr 20-May 28
Ron Agam, Marco Casentini: Incandescent Chromophilia
Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space
120 Essex Street
Apr 19-May 21
Jerry Blackman: Undone Yin Yang
CRG Gallery
195 Chrystie St
Apr 19-May 21
Ori Gersht: sleepless nights
Bitforms Gallery
131 Allen St
Apr 18-May 26
Siebren Versteeg: Reflection Eternal
134 Bowery
Apr 16-May 14
Eat Code and Die
191 Chrystie St
Apr 14-May 07
Marlon Mullen
Able Fine Art NY
143 Orchard St
Apr 14-Apr 27
Sinsook Park: Beyond The Wind
Catinca Tabacaru Gallery
250 Broome St
Apr 14-May 28
Terra Nova
Danziger Gallery
95 Rivington St
Apr 13-May 25
Karen Knorr: Europe and India
Whitebox Art Center
329 Broome Street
Apr 13-May 13
Robert Farber / Unseen / Midnight Studio
Callicoon Fine Arts
49 Delancey St
Apr 13-May 21
Lee Relvas: Some Phrases
Castor Gallery
254 Broome St
Apr 13-May 14
191 Henry St
Apr 13-May 14
John Bunion: Visions from the Sun
Lodge Gallery
131 Chrystie St
Apr 12-May 03
47 Canal
291 Grand St
Apr 12-May 14
Judith Hopf, Sylvia Plimack Mangold, Jeanette Mundt
Miguel Abreu Gallery - Eldridge
88 Eldridge St
Apr 12-May 14
Rochelle Goldberg: Intralocutors
Miguel Abreu Gallery - Orchard
36 Orchard St
Apr 12-May 14
Rey Akdogan: Faction
Marc Straus Gallery
299 Grand St
Apr 09-May 14
Entang Wiharso: Promising Land
Brennan & Griffin
122 Norfolk St
Apr 09-May 17
Soshiro Matsubara: Sleeves of Desire
Marc Straus Gallery
299 Grand St
Apr 09-May 14
Omar Rodriguez-Graham
Essex Street Gallery
55 Hester St
Apr 09-May 21
Jef Geys: Bubble Paintings
Miller Contemporary
17 Essex St
Apr 09-May 14
Adelita Husni-Bey: 2265
MINI/Goethe-Institut Curatorial Residencies Ludlow 38
38 Ludlow St
Apr 09-May 07
Veit Laurent Kurz, Ben Schumacher: Hutti
On Stellar Rays
1 Rivington St
Apr 09-May 14
Rochelle Feinstein: Who Cares
Spoke Art NYC
210 Rivington St
Apr 08-Apr 30
In Dreams
The Hole NYC
312 Bowery
Apr 07-May 14
Post Analog Painting II
90 Ludlow St
Apr 07-Apr 30
Sleeping On The Skin Of A Nightmare
Hionas Gallery
124 Forsyth St
Apr 07-Apr 30
Stephen Maine: New Paintings
89 Eldridge Street
Apr 07-May 07
Steve Irwin: Check to see if still dead inside
Thierry Goldberg Gallery
103 Norfolk St
Apr 07-May 07
Sarah Faux
Regina Rex
221 Madison St
Apr 07-May 14
Branden Koch: The Bald Ego
Regina Rex
221 Madison St
Apr 07-May 14
Nancy Haynes: this painting oil on canvas 2015-2017
Equity Gallery
245 Broome St
Apr 07-May 06
Not the End
Central Booking Art Space
21 Ludlow St
Apr 06-May 28
Natura Mathematica
Yours Mine & Ours
54 Eldridge St
Apr 06-May 14
Todd Bienvenu: Water Sports
James Fuentes
55 Delancey St
Apr 06-Apr 30
Marcel Eichner: Point Blank
Denny Gallery
261 Broome St
Apr 06-May 14
Erin O'Keefe: Book of Days
Muriel Guepin Gallery
83 Orchard St
Apr 06-May 13
Matthew Conradt, Sara Frantz: Polarities of Banality
Gallery OneTwentyEight
128 Rivington St
Apr 06-Apr 29
Red, Black & Blue
Y Gallery
319 Grand St
Apr 05-May 02
Death Drive
Woodward Gallery
133 Eldridge St
Apr 04-May 05
Richard Hambleton: I Only Have Eyes For You
Cuevas Tilleard Projects
291 Grand St
Apr 03-Apr 29
Philip Hackworth Ashley: Cash Me Outside
Cindy Rucker Gallery
141 Attorney St
Apr 02-May 07
Martin Schwenk: Leaves and Tubes
Ramiken Crucible
389 Grand St
Apr 02-May 07
Wyatt Kahn
Johannes Vogt Gallery
55 Chrystie St
Apr 02-Apr 30
Exuberant 80s: An East Village Painters Circle
155 Suffolk St
Apr 01-May 07
Dawn Clements: Tables and pills and things
Mitchell Algus Gallery
132 Delancey St
Apr 01-May 07
Steve Keister: Post-Columbian
David Lewis
88 Eldridge St
Mar 31-Apr 30
Sean Paul: Adversaries Inc.
298 Grand St
Mar 31-May 07
Jane Benson: Song for Sebald
Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery
54 Ludlow St
Mar 31-May 07
Thomas Ovlisen: See a Penny
Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery
54 Ludlow St
Mar 31-May 07
Amna Asghar: Jhankaar
McKenzie Fine Art
55 Orchard St
Mar 30-Apr 30
James Nelson
Sperone Westwater
257 Bowery
Mar 30-Apr 29
Helmut Lang
Sperone Westwater
257 Bowery
Mar 30-Apr 29
Andrew Sendor: Saturday's Ascent,
11R Gallery
195 Chrystie St
Mar 30-Apr 30
Jackie Saccoccio
Mathew Gallery
47 Canal St
Mar 30-Apr 30
New York Grid
Dacia Gallery
53 Stanton St
Mar 30-Apr 28
Spiritu Vivae
124 Forsyth St
Mar 29-May 07
Brian Scott Campbell: Night Picnic
Abrons Arts Center
466 Grand St
Mar 29-May 14
Archival Alchemy: South Asian Womens Creative Collective
178 Norfolk St
Mar 26-Apr 30
Matt Hoyt: Chrysalis
Lesley Heller Workspace
54 Orchard Street
Mar 26-May 07
The Photo Show
Lesley Heller Workspace
54 Orchard Street
Mar 26-May 07
The Fabricated Drawing
Bridget Donahue
99 Bowery
Mar 26-May 21
Lisa Alvarado: Sound Talisman
Lyles & King
106 Forsyth St
Mar 26-Apr 30
Thomas Fougeirol, Jo-ey Tang, Harold Edgerton: Bullet Through Glass
Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects
208 Forsyth Street
Mar 25-Apr 30
Sedrick Huckaby: The 99%
127 Henry St
Mar 24-Apr 30
Dapper Bruce Lafitte: Kingpin of the Antpin
Elizabeth Houston Gallery
190 Orchard St
Mar 22-May 13
Kerry Schuss
34 Orchard St
Mar 19-Apr 30
Chip Hughes
Envoy Enterprises
87 Rivington St
Mar 17-Apr 30
James J. Williams III: And Still Rivers Run
333 Broome St
Mar 17-Apr 30
Jason Fox: Square Cave
Lehmann Maupin
201 Chrystie Street
Mar 17-May 20
Teresita Fernandez: Fire 'America'
Foley Gallery
59 Orchard St
Mar 15-Apr 30
Particle Paradise
Kai Matsumiya
153 Stanton St
Mar 05-May 03
Rainer Ganahl: Legacy: Obama, Bush, Trump
262 Bowery
Feb 28-Apr 26
Charles Hinman: Shaped Paintings
Betty Cuningham Gallery
15 Rivington St
Feb 25-Apr 29
Mia Westerlund Roosen
33 Orchard
33 Orchard St
Feb 16-May 07
Jesse Durost: Structures
Anastasia Photo
143 Ludlow St
Feb 01-Apr 26
Martin Roemers: Metropolis