37 Troutman St
Mar 25-Apr 10
A beige-looking blob that resembles nightmares
495 Rogers Ave
Mar 25-Apr 23
Michael Stickrod, Branden Koch: All Kitchen Kitchen
Safe Gallery
1004 Metropolitan Ave
Mar 25-Apr 16
Brian Chippendale, Ioanna Pantazopoulo
Hugo Galerie
472 W Broadway
Mar 25-Apr 16
Benoit Trimborn: Renaissance
Real Fine Arts
673 Meeker Ave
Mar 25-Apr 23
Morag Keil
Unisex Salon
133 Manhattan Ave
Mar 25-Apr 29
Melissa Hopson: Plats, Plats, Plats
Art in General
145 Plymouth St
Mar 25-May 06
Postcommodity: Coyotaje
Trestle Projects
400 3rd Ave
Mar 25-Apr 22
New Fine Art
Trestle Projects
400 3rd Ave
Mar 25-Apr 25
Jasmine Murrell: Sacred Vagina
Norte Maar
88 Pine St
Mar 25-Apr 23
Brece Honeycutt: Bewilder
Norte Maar
88 Pine St
Mar 25-Apr 23
Audra Wolowiec: Sound Series
American Medium
424 Gates Ave
Mar 25-Apr 07
E. Jane: Lavendra
Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects
208 Forsyth Street
Mar 25-Apr 23
Sedrick Huckaby: The 99%
Lyles & King
106 Forsyth St
Mar 25-Apr 30
Thomas Fougeirol, Jo-ey Tang, Harold Edgerton: Bullet Through Glass
Magenta Plains
94 Allen St
Mar 24-Apr 23
Theodore Darst
Geary Contemporary
185 Varick St
Mar 24-Apr 21
Flux Factory
39-31 29th St
Mar 24-Apr 22
We Have Always Lived in the Future
Kate Werble Gallery
83 Vandam St
Mar 24-May 06
Ernesto Burgos: One thing after another
Owen James Gallery
61 Greenpoint Ave
Mar 24-Apr 23
Rachael Gorchov: Organic Geometry
373 Broadway, #207
Mar 24-Apr 30
Katrina Fimmel: Cirrus
Magenta Plains
94 Allen St
Mar 24-Apr 23
Sven Loven
Bard Graduate Center Gallery
18 W 86th St
Mar 24-Jul 30
New York Crystal Palace 1853
127 Henry St
Mar 24-Apr 30
Dapper Bruce Lafitte: Kingpin of the Antpin
Victori + Mo
56 Bogart St
Mar 24-Apr 23
Samuel Stabler: Realizations
1109 Dekalb Ave
Mar 24-Apr 16
The Darkest Side of Paradise: Navigating the Modern-Day Drug Culture
Michele Mariaud Gallery
153 Lafayette St
Mar 24-Apr 15
Pascal Pierme and Joan Salo
Interstate Projects
66 Knickerbocker Ave
Mar 24-May 07
Anna Solal: The Harpist Rover
Taka Ishii Gallery New York
23 E 67th St
Mar 23-Apr 29
Kansuke Yamamoto
Forum Gallery
475 Park Ave
Mar 23-May 06
Brian Rutenberg: Lowcountry
Instituto Cervantes New York
211 E 49th St
Mar 23-Apr 16
Memorias: Geography of a Decade Chile 1973-1983
Culture Lounge, Staten Island Arts
10 Ferry Terminal Dr
Mar 23-Jun 11
Susan Grabel: Confluence: A Way Forward
Hirschl & Adler
730 5th Ave
Mar 23-Apr 29
Andy Mister: Vanishing Point
165 7th St
Mar 23-Apr 23
Rebecca Leveille: Crush
Yashar Gallery - Brooklyn Art Studios
276 Greenpoint Ave
Mar 23-Apr 13
Josh Fayer: HeadSpace
E.Tay Gallery
39 White St
Mar 23-Apr 01
Emi Osada: Rhythmic Molecules
Geary Contemporary
185 Varick St
Mar 23-Apr 22
Christopher Kuhn
Local Project
11-27 44th Rd
Mar 23-Apr 08
The Unknown Variable
Laurence Miller Gallery
20 W 57th St
Mar 22-Apr 22
Toshio Shibata: Harmony
Nailya Alexander Gallery
41 E 57th St
Mar 22-May 20
Alexey Titarenko: The City Is a Novel
25 E 73rd St
Mar 21-Aug 31
Kit White: The Nature of This Place
Ouchi Gallery
170 Tillary St
Mar 21-Mar 26
Sato: Love & Peace & Happy
Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery - Pratt Institute
200 Willoughby Ave
Mar 20-May 11
2017 Senior Fine Arts Exhibitions
Fortnight Institute
60 E 4th St
Mar 20-Apr 20
Joe Andoe: Power Cosmic
Essex Flowers Gallery
19 Monroe St
Mar 19-Apr 16
Jeffrey Tranchell: Linda
Kerry Schuss
34 Orchard St
Mar 19-Apr 30
Chip Hughes
Front Room Gallery
48 Hester St
Mar 19-Apr 09
Thomas Broadbent: Phylum
106 Green Gallery
106 Green St
Mar 19-Apr 16
Lydia McCarthy: Ego Death
Postmasters Gallery
54 Franklin St
Mar 18-Apr 22
Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung: In G.O.D. We Trust
Java Project
252 Java St
Mar 18-Apr 23
Gina Dawson: Bad Tattoos
Sargent's Daughters
179 E Broadway
Mar 18-Apr 23
Iman Raad: Tongue Tied
White Columns
320 West 13th St
Mar 18-Apr 22
Annabeth Marks
1002 Metropolitan Ave
Mar 18-May 07
Antone Konst & Bridget Mullen
Postmasters Gallery
54 Franklin St
Mar 18-Apr 22
56 Bogart St
Mar 18-Apr 16
The Archive of Affect
Lorimoto Gallery
16-23 Hancock St
Mar 18-Apr 16
Particular Process
Motel Gallery
1078 Dekalb Ave
Mar 18-Apr 16
Kayode Ojo and Winslow Laroche: Taye Diggs
Ukrainian Institute of America
2 E 79th St
Mar 17-Apr 02
Contemporary Art From Ukraine
Staley-Wise Gallery
100 Crosby St
Mar 17-Apr 29
Women Photographers
315 Gallery
312 Livingston St
Mar 17-Apr 14
Cecilia Salama: Partner Work
David&Schweitzer Contemporary
56 Bogart St
Mar 17-Apr 19
Arnold Mesches: A Selection of Master Works
Nicelle Beauchene Gallery
327 Broome St
Mar 17-Apr 16
Bruce M. Sherman: IS
90 Ludlow St
Mar 17-Mar 26
Chris Milic
Pablo's Birthday
57 Orchard St
Mar 17-Apr 23
Michael Rouillard: 100 Pages 1993 - 2017 + New Paintings
Slag Gallery
56 Bogart St
Mar 17-Apr 16
Avital Burg: Low Relief
56 Bogart St
Mar 17-Apr 09
Susan Silas: the self-portrait sessions, 2016
Fresh Window
56 Bogart St
Mar 17-Apr 15
Jeff Feld and Ryan Schroeder: Unnoticed
Odetta Gallery
229 Cook St
Mar 17-Apr 30
Jack Hanley Gallery
327 Broome St
Mar 17-Apr 16
Elizabeth Jaeger: Pommel
333 Broome St
Mar 17-Apr 23
Jason Fox: Square Cave
Lehmann Maupin
201 Chrystie Street
Mar 17-May 20
Teresita Fernandez: Fire 'America'
Envoy Enterprises
87 Rivington St
Mar 17-Apr 30
James J. Williams III: And Still Rivers Run
Anthony Philip Fine Art
56 Bogart St
Mar 17-May 07
Seren Morey: Chlorophelia
Holland Tunnel Gallery
63 S 3rd St
Mar 17-Apr 16
Robert Egert
Fort Gansevoort
5 Ninth Ave
Mar 17-May 06
March Madness
Derek Eller Gallery
300 Broome St
Mar 17-Apr 15
Genesis Belanger, Melissa Brown, Roy De Forest, Mimi Gross
Austrian Cultural Forum New York
11 E 52nd St
Mar 16-Apr 24
Ramesch Daha: Unlimited History
A.I.R. Gallery
155 Plymouth St
Mar 16-Apr 16
Susan Bee: Pow! New Paintings
Soho20 Gallery
56 Bogart St
Mar 16-Apr 16
Ginny Fox: Perpetual Earth
440 Gallery
440 6th Ave
Mar 16-Apr 16
Fred Bendheim: Nocturns
A.I.R. Gallery
155 Plymouth St
Mar 16-Apr 16
QCC Art Gallery
222-05 56th Ave
Mar 16-Jun 20
Rewoven: Innovative Fiber Art
Michael Werner Gallery
4 E 77th St
Mar 16-May 13
Jorg Immendorff: LIDL Works and Performances from the 60s.
Anders Wahlstedt Fine Art
40 E 63rd St
Mar 16-Apr 28
Frank Stella: Imaginary Places
La MaMa Galleria
47 Great Jones St
Mar 16-Apr 08
Nora Breen: I Want to Go Home: Are You My Mother?
Soho20 Gallery
56 Bogart St
Mar 16-Apr 16
Marisa Williamson: Sub
A.I.R. Gallery
155 Plymouth St
Mar 16-Apr 16
Elizabeth Hoy: Why Does It End Here?
Dr. M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery - St. John's University
81-50B Utopia Pkwy
Mar 16-May 03
Selected Photographs from SJU Library's Special Collections
Italian Cultural Institute of New York
686 Park Ave
Mar 16-Apr 13
The Great Beauty 'La Grande Bellezza'
Ward-Nasse Gallery
178 Prince St
Mar 16-Mar 30
Women in Art 2017 II
Ouchi Gallery
170 Tillary St
Mar 16-Mar 31
Levy Gorvy
909 Madison Ave
Mar 15-Apr 22
Seung-taek Lee
Lodge Gallery
131 Chrystie St
Mar 15-Apr 09
Infinite Darkness
Foley Gallery
59 Orchard St
Mar 15-Apr 30
Particle Paradise
Galerie St. Etienne
24 W 57th St
Mar 14-Jun 30
Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka: The Woman Question
Storefront for Art and Architecture
97 Kenmare St
Mar 14-May 27
Control Syntax Rio
Paul Calendrillo New York Gallery
507 Main St
Mar 14-Apr 01
Grady Alexis Gallery - El Taller Latino Americano
215 E 99th St
Mar 13-Mar 30
The Art of the Brain
Hunter College East Harlem Art Gallery
2180 3rd Ave
Mar 13-Jun 03
The Incoherents Salon
JVS Project Space - Julio Valdez Studio
176 E 106th St
Mar 12-Apr 09
Alise Loebelsohn & Mary Tooley Parker
Queer Thoughts
373 Broadway, #C9
Mar 12-Apr 09
Lena Youkhana
Disclaimer Gallery - Silent Barn
603 Bushwick Ave
Mar 12-Apr 08
Annie Rose Malamet: w4w
Kustera Projects Red Hook
57 Wolcott St
Mar 11-Apr 08
Peter Edlund, Carter Kustera, Vanessa Marsh: Into the Shadow
Smack Mellon Gallery
92 Plymouth St
Mar 11-Apr 23
Shanti Grumbine: Zeroing
Cluster Gallery - Brooklyn Art Cluster
200 6th St
Mar 11-Apr 01
Tanya Chaly: Unravel
Alexander and Bonin
47 Walker St
Mar 11-Apr 22
Carlos Bunga: Absence
Higher Pictures
980 Madison Ave
Mar 11-Apr 22
Sheree Hovsepian
Smack Mellon Gallery
92 Plymouth St
Mar 11-Apr 23
Linda Herritt: Grease Rust Soot Sweat
Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
135 Broadway
Mar 11-Apr 02
Building Bridges
Krause Gallery
149 Orchard St
Mar 11-Apr 08
Sangsik Hong: Blue Breath3
396 Johnson Ave
Mar 11-Apr 15
Korakrit Arunanondchai: With history in a room filled with people with funny names 4
Gitler &
3629 Broadway
Mar 11-Mar 31
Damien Hoar de Galvan: Wot's... uh the deal?
Rockaway Artists Alliance
2-60 Beach 116th St
Mar 11-Mar 26
Designed by Nature
286 Stanhope St
Mar 11-Apr 16
Christopher Dunlap: Youre Only a Stranger Once
Sideshow Gallery
319 Bedford Ave
Mar 11-Apr 02
Marjorie Minkin, Bruce Piermarini
Krause Gallery
149 Orchard St
Mar 11-Apr 08
Ben Frost: New Works
622 Degraw St
Mar 11-Mar 31
Inside Out Arts BK
Alexander and Bonin
47 Walker St
Mar 11-Apr 22
Jorge Macchi and Edgardo Rudnitzky: From Here to Eternity
Alexander and Bonin
47 Walker St
Mar 11-Apr 22
Matthew Benedict: The Sea Cook
Art Lab Gallery
1000 Richmond Terrace
Mar 11-Apr 23
Art Lab's Annual Student Show
Questroyal Fine Art
903 Park Ave
Mar 10-Apr 08
Worthy Of The Ages
Present Company
254 Johnson Ave
Mar 10-Apr 16
Lisa & Janelle Iglesias: Every Force Evolves a Form
Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space
120 Essex Street
Mar 10-Apr 16
To Prague with Love
James Cohan - Lower East Side
291 Grand Street
Mar 10-Apr 16
Scott Olson
Honey Ramka
56 Bogart St
Mar 10-Apr 23
Paul Bergeron: Sam McGee's Big Night
Arts Horizons LeRoy Neiman Art Center
2785 Frederick Douglass Blvd
Mar 10-Apr 15
Valerie Maynard: Artist In Print
Rio Penthouse Gallery
10 Fort Washington Ave
Mar 10-Mar 30
Women in the Heights - Disruption
Plus 81 Gallery
167 Elizabeth St
Mar 10-Mar 25
Samer Fouad: Utopian Dystopias
Japan Society Gallery
333 E 47th St
Mar 10-Jun 11
A Third Gender: Beautiful Youths in Japanese Prints
Mulherin New York
124 Forsyth Street
Mar 10-Mar 26
Can't Touch This
Deli Gallery
10-16 46th Ave
Mar 10-Apr 09
Sarah Zapata: If I Could
Blank Space
30 Gansevoort St
Mar 09-Mar 26
TEKIN: A Step Into The Unknown
Carpenters Workshop Gallery
693 5th Ave
Mar 09-Apr 22
Vincenzo De Cotiis: Archeo Black
Arsenal Gallery
830 5th Ave, Central Park
Mar 09-Apr 27
Zane York: Nature Morte
Ippodo Gallery
12 E 86th St
Mar 09-Apr 07
Yukiya Izumita: Surface Folds
Pace Prints - Midtown
32 E 57th St
Mar 09-Apr 08
Lee Ufan, Qin Feng, Jian-Jun Zhang: Gestures
53 Stanton St
Mar 09-Apr 23
Brad Nelson
HappyLucky No.1
734 Nostrand Ave
Mar 09-Apr 02
Florencia Walfisch: Time as Space
80WSE Gallery - New York University
80 Washington Square E
Mar 09-Mar 25
MFA First Year Group Show
80WSE Gallery - New York University
80 Washington Square E
Mar 09-Jun 01
Lyle Ashton Harris
Edwynn Houk Gallery
745 5th Ave
Mar 09-Apr 29
Abelardo Morell: Flowers for Lisa
Fountain House Gallery
702 9th Ave
Mar 08-May 31
NYC Mural Arts Project
84 Orchard St
Mar 08-Mar 26
Group exhibition
Soho Photo Gallery
15 White St
Mar 08-Apr 01
2017 International Krappy Kamera Competition
Marlborough Gallery
40 W 57th St
Mar 08-Apr 01
No Boundaries
Robin Rice Gallery
325 West 11th St
Mar 08-Apr 23
Brian Pearson
P! Gallery
334 Broome St
Mar 08-Apr 12
Wong Kit Yi: Futures, Again
Brennan & Griffin
122 Norfolk St
Mar 08-Apr 02
Peter Acheson
Ora Gallery
51 7th Ave
Mar 08-Mar 31
Pelenakeke Brown: Reasoning On Paper: The Myth Of Herself
Nohra Haime Gallery
730 5th Ave
Mar 08-Apr 01
Hugo Tillman: Film Stills of the Mind: 2005-2007
AC Institute
16 E 48th St
Mar 07-Mar 31
Tra Bouscaren and John Schlesinger: Dear Volunteers
Danziger Gallery
95 Rivington St
Mar 07-Apr 08
Robert Frank: American Contacts
Cooler Gallery
22 Waverly Ave
Mar 07-Mar 27
Alex Proba: Mine Yours Ours Hers
R & Company
82 Franklin St
Mar 07-Apr 13
Sergio Rodrigues
Ivy Brown Gallery
675 Hudson St
Mar 07-Apr 12
Joshe Goode: Origin of Myth
Art Projects International
434 Greenwich St
Mar 07-Apr 08
New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture
8 W 8th St
Mar 06-Apr 09
Joseph Santore: Watercolors and Drawings
National Arts Club
15 Gramercy Park S
Mar 06-Apr 01
Unn Magnussen Friberg
National Arts Club
15 Gramercy Park S
Mar 06-Apr 01
Salvatore Catalano: Saints & Sinners
Cuevas Tilleard Projects
291 Grand St
Mar 06-Mar 27
Hannah Rose Dumes: Flossie
80WSE Gallery - New York University
80 Washington Square E
Mar 05-Mar 27
Choose Your Chair
Cindy Rucker Gallery
141 Attorney St
Mar 05-Mar 26
Hirosuke Yabe and Charles Dunn
Kai Matsumiya
153 Stanton St
Mar 05-Apr 23
Rainer Ganahl: Legacy: Obama, Bush, Trump
Invisible Dog Art Center
51 Bergen St
Mar 04-Apr 15
Herve Tullet: This Isn't Trash
558 St Johns Pl
Mar 04-Apr 09
Kimberly Mayhorn and A.V. Ryan: Foundations
Minus Space
16 Main St
Mar 04-Apr 29
Robert Swain: Color as Color
Gavin Brown's Enterprise - Harlem
439 W 127th St
Mar 04-Apr 22
Dara Friedman: Mother Drum
Greenspon Gallery
71 Morton Street
Mar 04-Apr 15
Rick Potts
Broadway 1602 Harlem
211 E 121st St
Mar 04-Apr 30
Idelle Weber Sunny: Works from New York's Pop Era
Broadway 1602 Harlem
211 E 121st St
Mar 04-Apr 30
Lais Myrrha: Reparation of Damages
Anita Shapolsky Gallery
152 E 65th St
Mar 04-May 05
Latin Implosion!
Spoke Art NYC
210 Rivington St
Mar 04-Mar 26
Abigail Goldman: Wishful Thinking
Elizabeth Dee Gallery
2033/2037 Fifth Ave
Mar 04-Apr 22
Joan Wallace
Knockdown Center
52-19 Flushing Ave
Mar 04-Apr 09
Unseen Hand
Y Gallery
319 Grand St
Mar 04-Apr 02
Tamara Kostianovsky: To Prevent Bad Luck
Gladstone 64
130 E 64th St
Mar 04-Apr 15
Mimmo Rotella: Selected Early Works
Brooklyn Arts Fellowship Gallery
210 24th St
Mar 04-Apr 02
Lamerol A. Gatewood: The Energy Series
284 Seigel St
Mar 04-Mar 26
Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition
499 Van Brunt St
Mar 04-Apr 09
Richard Hofmann Retrospective
Kentler International Drawing Space
353 Van Brunt St
Mar 04-Apr 09
Nancy Friedemann-Sanchez: Cornucopia
Ortega y Gasset Projects
363 3rd Ave
Mar 04-Apr 09
Victoria Lomasko and Pheobe Grip
Invisible Dog Art Center
51 Bergen St
Mar 04-Apr 15
Spencer Merolla: Material Remains
Freight + Volume
97 Allen St
Mar 04-Apr 16
Jennifer Coates: All U Can Eat
DM Contemporary
39 E 29th St
Mar 03-Apr 22
Federico Busonero: The Land that Remains
57 W 57th St, Suite 1206
Mar 03-Apr 08
Richard van der Aa, Joshua Huyser, Sky Glabush, Noel Morical
Momenta Art
56 Bogart St
Mar 03-Apr 02
Not That Hard
56 Henry St
Mar 03-Apr 02
Karen Kraven: Deadstock
Jeffrey Stark
88 E Broadway
Mar 03-Mar 31
Georgia Dickie: Those Who Feed Birds
289 Meserole St
Mar 03-Mar 26
The Unreliable Narrator
Shoot the Lobster
138 Eldridge St
Mar 03-Mar 26
Raque Ford: Carolyn
Elijah Wheat Showroom
1196 Myrtle Ave
Mar 03-Apr 16
Joseph Kraska and Johannah Herr: Moll Madnoss
191 Chrystie St
Mar 03-Apr 09
Dan Herschlein: Safe As Houses
Focal Point Gallery
321 City Island Ave
Mar 03-Mar 26
Artists Choice Exhibition
James Fuentes
55 Delancey St
Mar 03-Apr 02
Amalia Ulman: Dignity
Booth Gallery
325 W 38th St
Mar 03-Mar 25
Paintguide New York City
168 North 6th St
Mar 03-Apr 16
Arlene Morris: Stitched Up
Station Independent Projects
138 Eldridge St
Mar 03-Mar 26
Melissa Stern: You're Soaking in it
Hionas Gallery
124 Forsyth St
Mar 03-Mar 25
Jack Walls: Black/White Paintings
Sidney Mishkin Gallery - Baruch College
135 E 22nd St
Mar 03-Mar 28
Small works Baruch 2017
Amos Eno Gallery
56 Bogart St
Mar 03-Mar 25
Chromacide An Exhibition in Grayscale
Ground Floor Gallery
343 5th St
Mar 03-Mar 26
Tammy Nguyen: Primate City
Schema Projects
92 St. Nicholas Ave
Mar 03-Apr 02
Lawrence Swan: Critical Masque
Friday Studio Gallery
350 Scholes St
Mar 03-Mar 31
Whisper Sweet Nothings
Johannes Vogt Gallery
55 Chrystie St
Mar 03-Mar 30
Umar Rahid: The Messier Objects
Andrew Edlin Gallery
212 Bowery
Mar 03-Apr 15
Beverly Buchanan and William Christenberry: The Streaming Light Through All Your Shacks' Cracks
Nathalie Karg Gallery
291 Grand St
Mar 03-Apr 16
Jessica Craig-Martin: Public Relations
William Holman Gallery
360 Riverside Dr
Mar 03-Apr 21
Peter Bonner, Liene Bosque, Tom Judd: New Work
Salon 94 Bowery
243 Bowery
Mar 03-Apr 15
Ghost Dog
Miguel Abreu Gallery - Eldridge
88 Eldridge St
Mar 03-Apr 02
Yuji Agematsu: Self-Portrait
Maccarone - Greenwich Street, New York
630 Greenwich St
Mar 03-Apr 17
Ricky Swallow
CRG Gallery
195 Chrystie St
Mar 02-Apr 09
Tomory Dodge: Deep Sleep
Simon Preston Gallery
301 Broome Street
Mar 02-Apr 23
Robert Breer: Kamikaze
Bernarducci Meisel Gallery
37 W 57th St
Mar 02-Apr 01
Ester Curini: Endangered
Throckmorton Fine Art
145 E 57th St
Mar 02-Apr 22
Mythical Beasts: The Divinity Of Dragons
Almine Rech Gallery - New York
39 E 78th St
Mar 02-Apr 15
Jennifer Guidi: San Fernando
Blum & Poe
19 E 66th St
Mar 02-Apr 15
Agnes Varda
Hans P. Kraus Jr. Fine Photographs
962 Park Ave
Mar 02-May 12
The Art of the Paper Negative
Eleventh Street Arts
46-06 11th St
Mar 02-Apr 07
Art of Architecture: A Celebration of the Traditional Approach to Architecture
Clemente Galleries
107 Suffolk St
Mar 02-Mar 26
Citicien - Defend Puerto Rico
Castor Gallery
254 Broome St
Mar 02-Apr 02
Michael Pybus: In 3D the basil never wilts
Team Gallery
83 Grand St
Mar 02-Apr 01
Ryan McGinley: Early
Debra Force Fine Art
13 E 69th St, Suite 4F
Mar 02-Apr 21
Herman Maril: Color and Space
Ray Gallery
55 Washington St, #721
Mar 02-Mar 29
Beau Torres: In Vogue
Sundaram Tagore Gallery - Madison Avenue
1100 Madison Ave
Mar 02-Mar 25
Hassan Massoudy: Words, Breath, Gesture
Gallery MC
549 W 52nd St
Mar 02-Mar 25
Out Of The Studio
Gallery Korea - Korean Cultural Center New York
460 Park Ave
Mar 02-Apr 27
The Movement of Herstory: Korean Embroidery
New York Studio School Dumbo Sculpture Studio
20 Jay Street, Suite 307
Mar 02-Apr 14
Spring Alum Exhibition: Karin Malpeso
Made in NY Media Center by IFP
30 John St
Mar 02-Mar 31
Digital Fairy Tales: Album Two
Bernarducci Meisel Gallery
37 W 57th St
Mar 02-Apr 01
Emily Copeland: Retro-Spective
United Photo Industries Gallery
16 Main St
Mar 02-Apr 21
Haley Morris-Cafiero: Wait Watchers
188 E 2nd St
Mar 01-Mar 31
Peter Halley: Boats Crosses Trees Figures
1969 Gallery
103 Allen St
Mar 01-Apr 23
Roy Dowell and Gary Kuehn: You Are Free, but Not That Free
Susan Eley Fine Art
46 W 90th St
Mar 01-Apr 13
Driven To Abstraction
Casita Maria Gallery
928 Simpson St
Mar 01-May 17
Blanka Amezkua: In Your Absence You Exist
Causey Contemporary
29 Orchard St
Mar 01-Apr 02
Mr Hopper's Neighborhood and Other Works
Jason McCoy Gallery
41 E 57th St
Mar 01-Apr 01
Frederick Kiesler: Galaxies of the 1950s
Gagosian Gallery - Madison Ave
976 Madison Ave
Mar 01-Apr 15
Sterling Ruby
Marian Goodman Gallery
24 W 57th St
Mar 01-Apr 22
Lawrence Weiner: Inherent Innate Tension
Gerald Peters Contemporary
24 East 78th St
Mar 01-Mar 25
Kent Monkman
Jadite Galleries
413 W 50th St
Mar 01-Mar 29
Agnieszka Zak
Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery
262 Mott St
Mar 01-Apr 01
Mersuka Dopazo: Jardin de Papel
Franklin Parrasch Gallery
53 E 64th St
Mar 01-Apr 15
Forrest Bess and Joan Snyder
Kristen Lorello
195 Chrystie St
Mar 01-Apr 09
Halsey Hathaway and Julia Kunin
Ashok Jain Gallery
58 Hester St
Mar 01-Mar 26
Group Show
Denny Gallery
261 Broome St
Feb 28-Apr 02
Russell Tyler: Strange Variants
Shin Gallery
322 Grand St
Feb 28-Apr 16
Peyton Freiman: Heal Thyself!
Louis K. Meisel Gallery
141 Prince St
Feb 28-Apr 01
Bertrand Meniel: Street Views
Taymour Grahne Gallery
157 Hudson St
Feb 28-Apr 22
Maia Cruz Palileo: Dear, dear, dear
Art Gallery at the College of Staten Island
2800 Victory Blvd
Feb 28-Apr 01
Leonard Hutton Galleries
790 Madison Ave
Feb 28-Mar 30
Lucio Fontana: Ceramics
262 Bowery
Feb 28-Apr 15
Charles Hinman: Shaped Paintings
Fridman Gallery
287 Spring St
Feb 28-Mar 31
Evidentiary Realism
NoMAA Gallery
5030 Broadway
Feb 28-May 03
Blackburn 20/20 Gallery
323 W 39th St
Feb 28-Mar 26
Freya Powell and Shanjana Mahmud: What did I expect to find?
Taymour Grahne Gallery
157 Hudson St
Feb 28-Apr 22
Austin Eddy: Follow The Crooked Path -Though It Be Longer
Horton Gallery
113 E 29th St, #1
Feb 28-Apr 15
Kirk Hayes: Old Artist Pissing At The Moon
New York Academy of Art
111 Franklin St
Feb 28-Mar 26
Milkweed to Mercury: The Alchemical Paintings of Catherine Howe
Company Gallery
88 Eldridge St
Feb 28-Apr 02
Allyson Vieira: Disinherited
Luxembourg & Dayan
64 E 77th St
Feb 27-Apr 15
The Ends of Collage
Gallery at BRIC House
647 Fulton St
Feb 27-May 07
Tatyana Fazlalizadeh: Not Going Anywhere
Macy Art Gallery - Columbia University
525 West 120th St
Feb 27-Mar 29
Envisioning Pedagogical Inquiry: The Making of Art Based Educational Research
Long Gallery Harlem
2073 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd
Feb 26-Apr 02
Delano Dunn: No One Can Be This Tomorrow
Regina Rex
221 Madison St
Feb 26-Apr 02
EJ Hauser: Me + You
On Stellar Rays
1 Rivington St
Feb 26-Apr 02
Tommy Hartung: Jinns
Callicoon Fine Arts
49 Delancey St
Feb 26-Apr 09
A.K. Burns: Fault Lines
Ramiken Crucible
389 Grand St
Feb 26-Mar 26
Ragen Moss: Wolfish Contour
Essex Street Gallery
55 Hester St
Feb 26-Apr 02
Jason Loebs: Private Matters
Participant Inc.
253 East Houston St
Feb 26-Apr 02
Baseera Khan: Iamuslima
Simone Subal Gallery
131 Bowery
Feb 26-Mar 26
110 Meserole Ave
Feb 26-Mar 27
Liz Linden: Damaged Goods
Corridor Gallery
334 Grand Ave
Feb 26-Mar 26
My Home is Not Your Backyard
11R Gallery
195 Chrystie St
Feb 26-Mar 26
Caetano de Almeida
11R Gallery
195 Chrystie St
Feb 26-Mar 26
Sojourner Truth Parsons, Sean Steadman, Veronika Pausova
321 Gallery
321 Washington Ave
Feb 25-Mar 25
Am Schmidt: Rachel's Wardrobes
John Molloy Gallery
49 E 78th St
Feb 25-Mar 30
Basil King: Bird Script
Wallworks New York
39 Bruckner Blvd
Feb 25-Mar 29
BG183: The Wall
Betty Cuningham Gallery
15 Rivington St
Feb 25-Apr 15
Robert Feintuch: 3 Paintings, 3 Drawings
Betty Cuningham Gallery
15 Rivington St
Feb 25-Apr 15
Mia Westerlund Roosen
167 Rivington St
Feb 25-Apr 02
Dena Yago: The Lusting Breed
Open Source Gallery
306 17th St
Feb 25-Apr 08
Liinu Gronlund: presents It could have been
Bitforms Gallery
131 Allen St
Feb 25-Apr 09
Thierry Goldberg Gallery
103 Norfolk St
Feb 24-Apr 02
Jonathan Lyndon Chase, Louis Fratino, Kristina Lee
Robert Henry Contemporary
56 Bogart St
Feb 24-Apr 09
Liz Jaff: Wallflower
Trestle Gallery
850 3rd Ave
Feb 24-Mar 28
Echo Spectrum
89 Eldridge Street
Feb 24-Apr 02
Heartbreak Hotel
Pratt Manhattan Gallery
144 W 14th St
Feb 24-Apr 12
A New Subjectivity: Figurative Painting after 2000
L. Parker Stephenson Photographs
764 Madison Ave
Feb 24-Apr 29
Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen: Step By Step
Francis M. Naumann Fine Art
24 W 57th St, Suite 305
Feb 24-Mar 31
Don Joint: Drawing Giovanni di Paolo
June Kelly Gallery
166 Mercer Street
Feb 24-Mar 28
Frances Hynes: Layers of Time
SRO Gallery
1144 Dean St
Feb 24-Mar 26
Janice Sloan and Niklas Nezen: The Air is Frozen at the Luxury Hotel
Brilliant Champions Gallery
5 Central Ave
Feb 24-Apr 01
Beau Stanton: Megacosm
Alden Projects
34 Orchard St
Feb 24-Apr 09
Eleanor Antin: 100 Boots: The Lost Picture Show
Rachel Uffner Gallery
170 Suffolk St
Feb 24-Apr 23
Leonhard Hurzlmeier: All New Women
Black & White Gallery
56 Bogart St
Feb 24-Apr 09
Patte Loper: Sparkly Darkly
Turn Gallery
37 E 1st St
Feb 24-Apr 15
Mason Saltarrelli: Acoustic Tulips
Catinca Tabacaru Gallery
250 Broome St
Feb 24-Apr 09
Admire Kamudzengerere: I am Till you run
Equity Gallery
245 Broome St
Feb 24-Mar 25
Aicon Gallery
35 Great Jones St
Feb 23-Mar 25
Seed for History and Form - Tebhaga
Cheryl Hazan Gallery
35 N. Moore St
Feb 23-Apr 08
Jason Craighead: Time to Fly
Marisa Newman Projects
38 W 32nd St
Feb 23-Apr 01
Chris Fennell: Black and Blue
Mathew Gallery
47 Canal St
Feb 23-Mar 26
Robin Bruch: Major Works on Paper 1972 - 1985 III
GR Gallery
255 Bowery
Feb 23-Apr 16
Interferences: Contemporary Op and Kinetic Art
Baxter St Camera Club of NY
126 Baxter St
Feb 23-Mar 25
Marco Scozzaro: Digital Deli
CUE Art Foundation
137 W 25th St
Feb 23-Apr 05
Beverly Fishman: Dose
47 Canal
291 Grand St
Feb 23-Apr 02
John Finneran: Pink Foot on Rocks
Skarstedt Gallery
20 E 79th St
Feb 23-Apr 22
Andy Warhol: Self Portraits 'Fright Wigs'
Tilton Gallery
8 E 76th St
Feb 23-Apr 15
Brenna Youngblood: Affection
Acquavella Galleries
18 E 79th St
Feb 23-Apr 07
Damian Loeb: Sgr A*
Aicon Gallery
35 Great Jones St
Feb 23-Apr 08
Ernest Mancoba
Peter Freeman - New York
140 Grand St
Feb 23-Apr 08
Dove Allouche: Le beau danger
Richard Taittinger Gallery
154 Ludlow St
Feb 23-Apr 15
A Tribute To Nassos Daphnis
Ildiko Butler Gallery
113 W 60th St
Feb 22-Mar 31
Prismatic Shifts
Shirley Fiterman Art Center at BMCC
81 Barclay St
Feb 22-Apr 01
Ierimonti Gallery
24 W 57th St
Feb 22-Mar 31
Faraway, So Close
Van Doren Waxter
23 E 73rd St
Feb 22-Apr 28
Harvey Quaytman: Hone
Klompching Gallery
89 Water St
Feb 22-Apr 01
Helen Sear
Grolier Club
47 E 60th St
Feb 22-Apr 29
Images of Value: The Artwork Behind U.S. Security Engraving 1830s-1980s
Maccarone - Morton Street, New York
98 Morton St
Feb 21-May 06
Sarah Charlesworth: Natural Magic
Mnuchin Gallery
45 E 78th St
Feb 21-Apr 01
Robert Mangold: Here I Am
Half Gallery
43 E 78th St
Feb 21-Mar 25
Justin Adian: Sun Tan
McKenzie Fine Art
55 Orchard St
Feb 19-Mar 26
Altoon Sultan
Mitchell Algus Gallery
132 Delancey St
Feb 18-Mar 26
Morgan O'Hara: Live Transmission
The Hole
312 Bowery
Feb 18-Mar 26
Ry David Bradley: Room with a View
The Hole
312 Bowery
Feb 18-Mar 26
Anja Salonen and Maja Djordjevic: Body Building
CPG Gallery
Richmond Terrace & Tysen St
Feb 18-Mar 26
The Land of Enchantment
Art 3 Gallery
109 Ingraham St
Feb 18-Mar 26
A Brief Gospel For Our Times
155 Suffolk St
Feb 18-Mar 26
Elliott Green: Human Nature
Art on the Terrace
776 Richmond Terrace
Feb 18-Mar 26
Heart-y Art Exhibit
Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery
54 Ludlow St
Feb 18-Mar 26
Graham Anderson: What Makes the Hunter Laugh?
60 N6th Street
Feb 18-Apr 02
Anne Turyn: Top Stories Archive & Selected Flashbulb Memories, 1978-1991
Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery - Columbia University
1190 Amsterdam Ave
Feb 18-May 12
Eva Nikolova: The Edifice of Memory
Tiger Strikes Asteroid
1329 Willoughby Ave
Feb 17-Mar 26
x - y: An Act of Translation
Yours Mine & Ours
54 Eldridge St
Feb 17-Apr 02
Jeremy Couillard: Alien Afterlife
Sperone Westwater
257 Bowery
Feb 17-Mar 25
Heinz Mack
Shin Gallery
322 Grand St
Feb 17-Apr 16
Keunmin Lee: The Wordless Poem: Boucher to Lee
Microscope Gallery
1329 Willoughby Ave
Feb 17-Mar 26
Zach Nader: Stage Blind
New Release Gallery
60 Mulberry St
Feb 17-Mar 25
Andy Ralph: Idle Cure & The Deep Tissue
1329 Willoughby Ave
Feb 17-Mar 26
Justin Amrhein and Colette Robbins
Howard Greenberg Gallery
41 E 57th St
Feb 16-Apr 01
Weegee: HGG2
Muriel Guepin Gallery
83 Orchard St
Feb 16-Apr 01
JC Arana, Laurent Chehere, Joshua Smith: New Realities
Hawthorne Fine Art
12 E 86th St, Suite 527
Feb 16-Apr 20
Soaring Sights
Henrique Faria New York
35 E 67th St
Feb 16-Mar 25
Mariana Bunimov: Hunting and Gathering
Howard Greenberg Gallery
41 E 57th St
Feb 16-Apr 01
Alex Majoli: Skene
MINI/Goethe-Institut Curatorial Residencies Ludlow 38
38 Ludlow St
Feb 16-Mar 26
New Noveta, Violent Amurg
298 Grand St
Feb 16-Mar 26
William Binnie: Winter
Mark Borghi Fine Art
52 E 76th St
Feb 16-Apr 12
Deborah Butterfield and Immi Storrs: Creatures Big and Small
Barbara Mathes Gallery
22 E 80th St
Feb 16-Apr 21
Tadaaki Kuwayama and Rakuko Naito
Lipani Gallery
33 W 60th St
Feb 16-Mar 31
David Freund: Gas Stop
Gallery 61 - NYIT
16 W. 61st St
Feb 16-Apr 25
Richard Haas: Art and Architecture
Tibor de Nagy Gallery
724 5th Ave
Feb 16-Mar 25
Group Exhibition
Sous Les Etoiles Gallery
100 Crosby St
Feb 16-Apr 15
Barry Underwood: This Land is Your Land
Elisa Contemporary Art
5622 Mosholu Ave
Feb 16-May 25
Kimber Berry and Stephanie Cate
Anita Rogers Gallery
77 Mercer St
Feb 15-Apr 01
Gordon Moore: New Work
Art 3 Gallery
109 Ingraham St
Feb 15-Mar 26
Lawrence Beck: The Thickets Revisited
Adam Baumgold Gallery
60 E 66th St
Feb 15-Apr 08
Sandra Gering Inc.
14 E 63rd St
Feb 15-Apr 21
Michael Scott: Recent Painting and Sculpture
Marc Straus Gallery
299 Grand St
Feb 15-Apr 02
Sandro Chia
Venus Over Manhattan
980 Madison Ave
Feb 15-Mar 25
John McCracken: Planks
International Studio & Curatorial Program
1040 Metropolitan Ave
Feb 14-Apr 07
Ghazel: Mismappings
Peter Blum Gallery
20 W 57th St
Feb 11-Apr 15
No Exit
1329 Willoughby Ave
Feb 11-Mar 26
Daniel Dennett: Haptic Whittles
17 Essex St
Feb 11-Mar 26
Leeza Meksin: Purse Strings and Body Bags
60-40 56th Dr
Feb 11-Apr 01
Cake Hole
Pioneer Works
159 Pioneer St
Feb 10-Mar 26
127 Henry St
Feb 10-Mar 26
Anne Eastman & Corinne Jones: Knock On Effect
Keith de Lellis Gallery
1045 Madison Ave
Feb 09-Mar 25
Black Lives
Central Booking Art Space
21 Ludlow St
Feb 09-Mar 26
Carl Caivano: Translocations
Galerie Buchholz
17 E 82nd St
Feb 09-Apr 15
Jochen Klein
Pace/MacGill Gallery
32 E 57th St
Feb 09-Apr 29
Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Art Gallery
417 Lafayette St
Feb 09-Apr 29
Paper Revelation
Central Booking Art Space
21 Ludlow St
Feb 09-Mar 26
Icons in Ash, Death in Art
Central Booking Art Space
21 Ludlow St
Feb 09-Mar 26
The Wasteland?
Fisher Landau Center For Art
38-27 30th St
Feb 09-Aug 07
Lorna Simpson: Hypothetical?
183 Stanton Street
Feb 09-Apr 16
Aleksandar Duravcevic: Steppenwolf
James Gallery - CUNY
365 Fifth Ave
Feb 08-Mar 25
NSK State Art: New York, The Impossible Return
Agnes Varis Art Center - UrbanGlass
647 Fulton St
Feb 08-Mar 31
Morgan Madison: Curiocity
Westbeth Gallery
55 Bethune St
Feb 05-Mar 31
Sandra Caplan: Paintings Part Two
Welancora Gallery
33 Herkimer St
Feb 04-Apr 08
Sunok Chun: Freedom
Room East
41 Orchard St
Feb 04-Mar 26
Black Cherokee
Carolina Nitsch Contemporary Art
101 Wooster St
Feb 03-Apr 01
Michael Joo
Craig F. Starr Gallery
5 E 73rd St
Feb 03-Mar 25
Eleanore Mikus: Tablets and Related Works, 1960-69
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center
66 5th Ave
Feb 03-Apr 17
State of Exception/Estado de Excepcion
Van Doren Waxter
23 E 73rd St
Feb 03-Apr 28
Michael Ryan: Special Presentation
Van de Weghe Fine Art
1018 Madison Ave
Feb 02-Apr 21
Duane Hanson: Queenie II, 1988
Peninsula Art Space
352 Van Brunt St
Feb 02-Mar 26
Tooth and Nail
Hauser & Wirth - New York, 69th Street
32 E 69th St
Feb 02-Apr 01
Nothing and Everything: Seven Artists, 1947 - 1962
Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery - John Jay College
860 11th Ave
Feb 02-Mar 31
Politicizing Space
Lehman College Art Gallery
250 Bedford Park Blvd W
Feb 02-May 06
Alien Nations
Rawson Projects
221 Madison St
Feb 02-Mar 26
A Process Series II
Gitterman Gallery
41 E 57th St
Feb 01-Apr 01
Richard Gordon: Loved Photography Too Much
Agnes Varis Art Center - UrbanGlass
647 Fulton St
Feb 01-Apr 01
Dead Horse Bay: The Glass Graveyard of Brooklyn
Anastasia Photo
143 Ludlow St
Feb 01-Apr 26
Martin Roemers: Metropolis
Deborah Bell Photographs
16 E 71st St
Feb 01-Apr 29
Judith Joy Ross: Portraits Of The United States Congress 1986-87
Longwood Art Gallery
450 Grand Concourse
Feb 01-May 03
Noir: Defining the Melodrama
Davis & Langdale Company Inc.
231 E 60th St
Jan 31-Apr 22
Anne Ryan: Collages
44-19 Purves St
Jan 29-Mar 27
Congolese Plantation Workers Art League
44-19 Purves St
Jan 29-Mar 27
In Practice: Material Deviance
Center for Architecture
536 LaGuardia Pl
Jan 26-Apr 01
Say It Loud: Distinguished Black Designers of NYCOBA, NOMA
Galerie Mourlot
16 E 79th St
Jan 26-Mar 28
Mary Louise Pierson
Interference Archive
131 8th St
Jan 26-May 14
Finally Got The News: The Printed Legacy of the U.S. Radical Left, 1970-1979
Greenpoint Hill
100 Freeman Street
Jan 26-Mar 26
Isaac Arvold: Later
Hauser & Wirth New York, 22nd Street
548 W 22nd St
Jan 26-Apr 08
Jack Whitten
Visual Arts at Americas Society
680 Park Ave
Jan 25-Apr 01
Facundo de Zuviria: Siesta Argentina and other modest observations
Whitebox Art Center
329 Broome Street
Jan 25-Mar 25
Corporation and Fister
Nohra Haime Gallery
730 5th Ave
Jan 24-Mar 25
Feminist Feminine
Kimmel Galleries - New York University
60 Washington Square S
Jan 19-Mar 31
Unnatural Election: Artists Respond to the 2016 US Presidential Election
Renee and Chaim Gross Foundation
526 Laguardia Pl
Jan 19-Jun 30
Building Identity
Rosenberg & Co.
19 E 66th St
Jan 18-Apr 01
Beatrice Mandelman And The Sixties
Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery - Art Students League of New York
215 W 57th St
Jan 17-May 20
The Student Concours
305 E 140th St
Jan 16-Apr 15
The Intricacies of Love
Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Programs
11-03 45th Ave
Jan 15-Mar 26
Disarming Geometries
Luhring Augustine Bushwick
25 Knickerbocker Ave
Jan 13-Apr 16
Jeremy Moon
Talwar Gallery
108 E 16th St
Jan 13-Apr 01
Allan deSouza: Through the Black Country
Talwar Gallery
108 E 16th St
Jan 13-Apr 01
Alia Syed: On a wing and a prayer
Grey Art Gallery - New York University
100 Washington Square E
Jan 10-Apr 01
Inventing Downtown: Artist Run Galleries in New York City, 1952 to 1965
Westbeth Gallery
55 Bethune St
Jan 01-Mar 31
David Seccombe: Wall to Wall #25
City Lore Gallery
56 E 1st St
Dec 15-Apr 09
Poetic Voices of the Muslim World
41-26 27th St
Dec 09-Mar 31
World Amigurumi Exhibition vol. 3: Mixed Materials Made Mini Monsters!
Ubu Gallery
416 E 59th St
Dec 08-May 12
Heide Hatry: Icons in Ash: Cremation Portraits
Mela Foundation
275 Church St
Nov 23-May 20
Dream House: Sound and Light Environment
Center for Italian Modern Art
421 Broome St
Oct 14-Jun 24
Giulio Paolini and Giorgio de Chirico
Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery - Columbia University
1190 Amsterdam Ave
Sep 13-Jun 30
Tomo Mori: Concerto Encircling
Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery - Columbia University
1190 Amsterdam Ave
Sep 03-Jun 25
Gina Malek: Traces
Madison Square Park Conservancy
11 Madison Ave
May 16-Apr 02
Martin Puryear: Big Bling
298 Grand St
Feb 26-Apr 16
Robert Raphael: Symposium
Helly Nahmad Gallery
975 Madison Ave
Feb 06-May 11
Selected Works by 20th Century Masters